Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What would you do if Facebook disappeared?

So, my sister is tripping out, via text, and I am trying to assure her that life will continue but she really doesn't think so.  She's feverishly typing and there's all kind of autocorrect #FAILS.

The issue, her Facebook page and Fanpage were being hacked, at that moment.  Within a matter of hours she watched as her page was taken over, closed and subsequently locked!! 
It was detrimental, at least to her.  She wanted to make a call, send an email, and (of course) cry.
On a Sunday, Facebook is kinda hard to get in touch with, who'd a thunk it!?

As a small business owner, with  a brick and mortar business, she ran her entire life and business contact list on Facebook, posting pictures of her work, accepting appointments and reaching out to other nail techs across the country. (check out GlamNailz by Chloe)

Which leads me to the reason of this post.  
What would you do if Facebook disappeared?  Not if it never were invented, but if one second you were LIKEing pics and posts and then one second you weren't.

Would you be able to live without knowing everything your high school best-friend was doing?  Would your children have a hobby to fall back on?  Would you know about all of the new Jordan sneakers that are coming out (again)?

This past weekend I decided to go through my social networks, like LinkedIn and Twitter, and pull off emails of folks I know (or knew).  I had a goal of updating my contact list, reaching out to my network and launching a few new projects with people that were "already in my circle".  Mind you, I usually collect and then covet my followers and friends, oftentimes never really reaching out to them, but isn't that what these networks are about?  Making connections, scratching backs and ultimately getting a good rub down yourself (wait, that came out wrong, but I'll roll with it).

As I personally phished through LinkedIn, Twitter (all three accounts) and Google+ I noticed just how many "new" people I'd become acquainted with via social media.  Most of them I had only known through the internet, only to meet them in person and feel like old friends.

Hell, I met my husband on Twitter! And being new to San Antonio, I've contacted and been reached by  a ton of small business owners, bloggers and clients via LinkedIn and Google+.

Facebook and other sites built around the same social construct (the construct that it's not who you know, but on which network you meet them) have drawn multiple industry professionals to the flare of being recruited to a Fortune 500 company, getting a record deal, launching their products on The Oprah Winfrey Network, or maybe becoming a world-renowned fashion model.

But, what if all of that was taken away from us?  Would everyone's life still be "perfect", "blessed" and "highly favored"?  Would you still actively involve yourself in conversations with complete strangers?  Would Kodak still be in business (getting film developed use to be such fun)?

What would you do if Facebook disappeared?
I'll wait...

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Great Give Back - #TeamOgba volunteers

One of the first things we decided to publicly do as a small business was volunteer.  The opportunity came up to run a 5k for a local charity ... I declined, I really ain't about running.  But something I do love is cleaning, it's something my dad instilled in me.  When we first saw the posting on Facebook from the San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation for volunteers to clean up a home in an historic neighborhood, I jumped at the opportunity to help out.

Bout to get started ... we were all smiles and suited up!

By the middle of the morning I was covered from head to toe #teamnobugsonme

@MrOgba was doing the most!

We demolished the backyard

Found a few little treasures ... including a grapevine that I left by mistake. :(

Met some cool peeps.  

So, this tells me that I can get a garden... 

That's a mattress they're carrying ... I refused to touch it.

Here are a few pics of our fantastic Saturday.  And some before and after of the beautiful home we helped clean up.
The Before

The After ... all clean

Shout-out to the Team!

Thanks for the opportunity!

 Everyone, I'd love to find out what  you do to give back to your community, have you started your own initiative in your neighborhood?  Let me know in the comments section.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

The RiverTini Pour-Off ... and Crawl-Home

Four months into managing BethanyEast PR here in San Antonio our newest client, Zocca was quickly invited to compete in the RiverTini Pour-Off at the Hyatt Regency ... it all came a bit sudden as I had only made plans to host a pre-Pour-Off event seeing as how registration had been closed for about a month (or 3) ... much to my surprise I got the call from the fantastica chicas at the Foundation asking us to compete since someone had dropped out. #highfive

Now, since being in TEXAS I've become a beer drinker, booty short wearer (just'once), bling-bling needer and margarita maker ... never have I been a place where being happy and comfy is so widely accepted, y'all know I'm from Detroit.  Working with the ladies at the Foundation was extremely easy and fun... the hubby (@MrOgba) and I had a blast at the event, especially trying all of the many (many many many many) martinis!

Check out some of the pics.
The evenings sponsor, Grey Goose!

ORO Restaurant had a good spread

These ladies loved the Zocca "Ferrari" Martini

@MrOgba, putting them back 

Our friend, Karen K. of the San Antonio River Foundation

By the end of the night EVERYONE was so nice! 
found this one on the Express News site

I want this job next year ... lest ye be judged! (smh)

The Judges Table

Candid Chili Pepper Martini 

Sweet Competition ... what's that about enemies being closer... our neighbors were so sweet ... until you tasted their martini ... SPICY!!

This guy spilled martini all over himself, so @MrOgba lent him an extra shirt ... j/k // but it's possible.


A viable competitor, Hotel Contessa/Las Ramblas ... 

The Guys from Hotel Contessa won last year.  They had an awesome presentation.

#200MartiniGiveAway .. Team #Zocca hooked it up!

My clients checking out the cuisine ... this food was REALLY good.

Team #WestinRiverwalk  #Zocca 
The winners trophy ... a giant martini glass .. congrats to Hofbrau!

By the end of the night @MrOgba were happy that we took the 10 minute bus ride to downtown San Antonio, driving home would have been all to interesting ... drink responsibly my friends.  TTYL

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's #SocialMadness!

We (BethanyEastPR.com) just launched a new site too!) are working hard to create some great content for our clients, but now we are promoting ourselves. And we need your help!

Visit bizjournals.com/sanantonio/exclusives/socialmadness

Vote for BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting.

Voting takes 4 minutes and doesn't require registration. Thanks everyone!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting myself together...

Well its been a whirlwind for the Black In the City blog. 

I completely apologize to my regular readers for not keeping you posted the last month (or longer) but I have been so very busy.
My wedding and subsequent honeymoon have not been as fairy-tale as I've dreamed.  I have learned so much about matrimony, business and Texas ... and I honestly couldn't be happier.  

The Black In the City blog has always been about understanding where you fit in among the "City" and everything the city holds and I think it's time to revamp what it is that I am going to focus on, especially since I am building my family and business here in a City with so little like me.

Make sure you visit my new website, BethanyEastPR.com.

I look forward to further figuring out where this blog is going and what I am going to feature.  If you have any input please share. 


Friday, March 23, 2012

HomeGirl Chronicles #7: #DoSomethingForADiva #Deals

Spring is here and I been waiting on going shopping for some new lighter, more colorful pieces. It's been a weird winter, my first here in San Antonio, and I am trying to transition some of my warm options that I've accumulated while here. 

 And with spring cleaning, and fixing up around my new apartment search, my new website launch (BethanyEastPR.com), starting a few new projects and getting use to married life I have also started a cute little workout plan. 

Just yesterday I did a #twitpictour of my daily 6 mile trek from my home to downtown San Antonio. I went all along the Riverwalk and rocked out to #iHeartRadio. I have a body goal that I probably should have started 6 months ago, but I didn't and now I am nervous, anxious and partially starving. 

 But I'm resilient. In light of the weather and everybody's need to get something refreshing and new for the new season. Here's some coupons and discount codes for some key essentials.

1.  Save 10% when you spent $200 or more @ SEARS

(and who know that Sears has a LayAway!)

2.  Get some great body accessories! FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75!!

  190196_Get Ready for Spring with FREE Shipping on Orders Over $75 from C.O. Bigelow Chemists!

3.  SHOES!! Every woman and man loves a new pair of kicks

169082_Save 10% when you spend less than $100, Save 15% when you spend more than $100 with code SAVEMORE.

4.  FREE SHIPPING on SHOES @ Target!!

Happy Shopping! TTYL!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

QuickCoupon: 20% OFF @ uPrinting.com!! (Limited Time)

I am ordering new business cards today!! That and the relaunch of BethanyEastPR.com in the next few weeks have me on the hunt for some good small business-priced tools and services.

And although I want to fall victim to the modern "LUXE" services on the net, I have been drawn to searching out less-marketing options.

The first is uPrinting.com!! The have great options in designing your own cards or uploading images.  And for a very limited time you get 20% OFF your entire order ... which only adds up to the price of printing.


Monday, February 27, 2012

HomeGirl Chronicles #6: MASH Mag Launches 2nd Edition!!

Ladies, ladies, ladies and Divas! This one is for you...my homegirls!

Detroit-based MASH Magazine launched its second edition this week and we are all excited about the new things super luxe pages.

Everyone is invited to check out my article on bike culture in Detroit...and editor-in-chief, Mashawnta Armstrong, has put together one of the most dynamic fashion/beauty spreads to come out of the midwest in years.

Below is the press release I did to promote the launch of the new edition of MASH ...
The publication is available on iPad, iPod, Android and tablet devices via download with the Zinio app.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

#DivasDayOut hits the Streets of SXSW

This year the #BlackInTheCity and BethanyEast PR teams are joining the ranks of marketing and social media campaigns at the 2012 SXSW Music Conference!

#DivasDayOut is a new guerrilla marketing campaign that will feature independent and new products and information from fashion, beauty, small business and lifestyle brands in a 2500 swag bag giveaway.

Some of the main features of #DivasDayOut are the opportunities to reach an audience of almost 15k consumers via social media and a definite 2500 female consumers via the swag bag giveaway.

Recipients will be required to check in on either Foursquare or the #DivasDayOut Facebook FanPage list as well as the Twitter feed.  Vendors will be able to forward messages, updates, discount codes and conduct contests with either lists.  Also professional pics taken during the giveaway will be uploaded/forwarded to all vendors. And did I mention that our specially trained Brand Ambassadors are the best in the business, this isn't just any "street-team" situation.

#EntrepreneursLife?? Do you want to promote your brand during SXSW?  
As you may know, sampling/freebie campaigns have been known to create instant consumer loyalty towards a brand as well as dual-exposure with the advent of social media, fashion vlogging and media sharing (Facebook pics, Tumblrs, Instagram and other pic/vid platforms).

I would love to converse with you further on the specifics of this campaign.  I'm able to forward any interested party a very illustrative marketing proposal which lists in full the marketing strategy, benefits and costs of participation (packages are priced for small business owners).

Deadline for participation is March 1st, 2012.  Contact Bethany.EastPR@live.com for more info or  to participate.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gadgets, Gigs and Growth: #EntrepreneursLife

As an entrepreneur I am far too familiar with finding or developing shortcuts, great deals and new projects.  Aside from playing every single role in my business, from promoting to bookkeeping to sales, being open to suggestions and doing research on key tools is a never ending task.

If you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, or if you are a weathered industry member I have compiled a few important and useful sites, products or services that hopefully will interest you.

1.)  Elance.com - 
Build Your Team
Click Here to Visit Elance.com and GET TO WORK!
When I first set off doing freelance copywriting and public relations I only found clients through recommendation (word-of-mouth) ... but then I ran into issues of the infamous "hook up".  I am not  in the business of "hooking-up" (I call it working for free) my friends' friends, so other than clearly stating to whomever I work with that I do this for a living and therefore stand to get paid my entire fee, I found Elance.com.

This site allows you to post, search and apply for freelance/contracting gigs.  It's completely free to use and they make precautions to ensure that you get paid.  The Elance University option helps you declare your skills, that means, you don't have to go threw that "training period" of "let me see what you can do, then I'll pay you."  .. Best part of it, IT'S FREE!
Looking for work? Sign up for a provider membership on Elance and find great clients today!

2.) Caseable.com
I belong to the Coffee Shop Career Group here in San Antonio ... My neighborhood shop, The Foundry on McCoullough, is my favorite place to get work done, meet new people and drink endless cups of caffeine.  I also use this place to see what's new when it comes to cool entrepreneur toys.  And in 2012 having the perfect statement case is all the rave.  Caseable.com is a cool site whereas you can create a purchase customized iPad, smartphone, and even journal cases.  I just ordered mine (post coming soon), and I am sure that my clients would get a kick out of the classic corporate yet funky design I've chosen.  Are you focused on building a recognizable brand? You can even upload your personal logo to your case.  Do you have an entrepreneur friend with a birthday coming up, these make perfect custom gifts.

3.) Car Mount
Gone are the days where you could even hold your phone in your hand while driving.  
Which is weird because I need Google Navigator whenever I go anywhere (being/getting lost is not cool and can get really expensive).   So, I went out and nerded up the Mazda with a shiney new, ultra necessary, car mount for the brand new Samsung Galaxy SII my hubby got me for Christmas.  These also help if you are tired of losing your found to that irritating crevice between the seats (of the car...lol).  It keeps my phone (and iPod) in my line of vision so I can see maps, easily hit the speakerphone option (I have an '04, so I'm not privy to "sync technology") and listen for directions without having to hold my phone.  You can get a really good car mount at Sears.com. And they are easy to install.

4.) Looking Good, Feeling Good
Everybody knows you do better when you feel better and you feel better when you look good.  But as entrepreneurs we know that looking good is a task when you're on a strict budget.  
Hince, one of everyone's favorite stores, TARGET!!! I love me some Tar-jay...and with all of the new clothing designers infiltrating the stores shelves, I can't wait to see what they come up with next.  From long flowy maxi dresses, to gladiator sandals, to a perfect blazer .. and you know what, even their heels are cute and comfortable.  The new Jason Wu line is amazing as well.

For my readers, THIS WEEK ONLY, Target is offering 25% OFF ALL CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES .. the site is already boasting 15% savings when you spend more than $125.

This summer I am going to live in dresses.  I love a good summer dress that I can throw a blazer over.  And for the fellas, think fitted (not skinny!!) jeans, colorful socks and manly accessories.

24850_Shop Now at Target.com! 
5.) Putting On Your (businesses) Face!
Every small business these days, whether social, retail, product or service based is creating their "brand" .. This week I was able to moderate a conversation via Twitter (follow my business @BethanyEastPR).  The Twitter chat was centered around morality and branding!!
First thing to do when determining and promoting your brands direction is your logo.  MycroBurst.com offers some great options and inexpensive deals on logos for businesses.  They also have a Money Back Guarantee!!

And my friends over at Hewlett-Packard have created some wonderful options for business owners as well .. I am just diving into what they have to offer by I'd love to hear what you have to say about my practical list for entrepreneurs.