Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Treat yourself

So, how many of us work work work, and never really have time, make time, take time to sit and do something relaxing?

Okay, okay, put your hands down...and as they slap the table, take a look at your nails...yeah, that chipped paint, too long acrylic, out of date color is a real eyesore. So why not treat yourself to a Lunchtime Manicure.

I got back to work and I was ultimately relaxed and found a little joy in watching my freshly shaped deep purple digits dancing across the keys on my laptop kinda entertaining.

Ofcourse I had to make a little sacrifice, I bought my lunch to work for the last three days and came straight home instead of my normal beeline from friends house to clothing store, but I afforded myself a good little $15 piece of paradise at a very trendy salon, Riverfront Salon. My nail artist, April, was a joy to talk to, we actually have plans to chat it up more this week Thursday at Divas Connection ...

check me out Divas ... and check out Riverfront Salon also, tell 'em Chris sent you! TTYL

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Divas Connection!!! Yay!

You don't want to miss this event! Bring plenty of business cards!
Come out and promote your business ladies!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Building and Benefiting - Divas Connection networking event!

Divas Country Club, an event series started in 2008 by entrepreneur Christian Reed was created to assist in building a thriving social network amongst the urban and professional women in Detroit. The Club has hosted events at some of downtown Detroit's most visited hotspots, including Detroit Riverfront, 5E Gallery and Cliff Bells Bar.

Who are the Divas?

Divas, up and coming, movers and shakers in the City. The Divas understand self worth and know that having a social life is just as much of an investment as their newest business suit, laptop tote, and even their education. The Divas Country Club caters to women that are seeking fun, inspiration as well as looking to climb the corporate latter or promote their service or skill.

A DCC staple, the Divas Connection is an opportunity for women business owners and corporate decision makers to come together and build profitable relationships. This networking event is peppered with giveaways, special deals on bulk orders with specific DDC vendors, chair massages and hor'dourves.

Divas Connection & Happy Hour

Thursday, October, 28, 2010 4-8pm

RiverPlace Bar and Grill (formerly Miami Bar)

225 Joseph Campau, located Downtown Detroit

RiverPlace Bar Website

Drink Specials/ Hor'Deurves/ Networking/ Giveaways

All are welcome to this FREE Event.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eating Good - Black Girls Eat Gnocchi Too!

So, I tried my hand at making soup this week, not just any soup either ... the good soup, from Olive Garden, the Roasted Chicken and Gnocchi soup.

After realizing that they must've put atleast 3-cups of milk in their soup I went right ahead and bought a can of Campbells Cream of Chicken, basically saving myself 1000 calories.

And VOILA! Here ya go!
Roasted Chicken and Gnocchi Soup(w/ spinach, celery, garlic and onion) a creamy warm blend of Italian potato dumplings. It was delicious.