Friday, March 23, 2012

HomeGirl Chronicles #7: #DoSomethingForADiva #Deals

Spring is here and I been waiting on going shopping for some new lighter, more colorful pieces. It's been a weird winter, my first here in San Antonio, and I am trying to transition some of my warm options that I've accumulated while here. 

 And with spring cleaning, and fixing up around my new apartment search, my new website launch (BethanyEastPR.com), starting a few new projects and getting use to married life I have also started a cute little workout plan. 

Just yesterday I did a #twitpictour of my daily 6 mile trek from my home to downtown San Antonio. I went all along the Riverwalk and rocked out to #iHeartRadio. I have a body goal that I probably should have started 6 months ago, but I didn't and now I am nervous, anxious and partially starving. 

 But I'm resilient. In light of the weather and everybody's need to get something refreshing and new for the new season. Here's some coupons and discount codes for some key essentials.

1.  Save 10% when you spent $200 or more @ SEARS

(and who know that Sears has a LayAway!)

2.  Get some great body accessories! FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75!!

  190196_Get Ready for Spring with FREE Shipping on Orders Over $75 from C.O. Bigelow Chemists!

3.  SHOES!! Every woman and man loves a new pair of kicks

169082_Save 10% when you spend less than $100, Save 15% when you spend more than $100 with code SAVEMORE.

4.  FREE SHIPPING on SHOES @ Target!!

Happy Shopping! TTYL!

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