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Rohit Bhargava ... lectures on "How your personal brand can save the world"

The death of Superman jeered the market for comic books, the industry basically took a dive after people lost trust in the idea of a superhero. They made Superman human...he died. Its a sad situation. But this gives us

Branding, the representation that walks thru the door before you walk in the door. Your branding should define how you would handle any situation, its gives you the opportunity to move pass the normal "Hi, I am ... and this is what I do... and I should ..... and I could" conversation.

10 Keys to Building A Powerful Personal Brand

1. Don't limit yourself - yeah, you might not want to expose what you are really thinking about or you might not want to experience a failure ... but what if the experience is necessary for you to grow. And if your idea is good, you'd be so pissed if someone says it before you do.

2. Stand for something - branding is no doubt is only successful when you associate yourself/product/time with a great cause ... or just a cause, either one.

3. Find your twist -

4. Be non-obvious - This allows you to stand out. No matter if its short term, and then start something new. Stay afloat by staying new, staying different, being creative, understanding that you have to be three steps ahead of yourself, acting in the past.

5. Rethink your packaging - allow your entire environment to be a presentation to your client/connection or audience. Let it be chic, let it be simple and self-explanatary ... let it be authentic and not too guarded.

6. Work outside your job - everyday you have 24-hours to present your brand. Nike never stops being Nike, no matter what you are doing.

7. Take the right risk - Be sensible with your movement, be selective, understand time management and perspective of priorities

8. Think visually - understand that children have the most buying power, their disposable income is at 100%, so do all of your advertising in 2 dozen colors and with loud beating music....just kidding. A media kit, a web presentation ... check Slide-ology ... written by the woman that helped Steve Jobs and Al Gore create amazing presentations.

9. Be approachable - the Bible actually says, in order to have friends you must first show yourself friendly....I mean, Jesus said it first, I believe it.

10. Create What YOU Love - pretty self explanatory!!

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Personal Branding, Live from Brand Camp University

Mitch Joel, Personal Brands, How to connect in a connected world

1. Create the conversation ... INTERNALLY

Understand your own personal story. I totally agree that in creating your personal brand you have to understand that its never going to work if you don't stay true to yourself. If you are trying to bring yourself up...it might be most important to actually bring YOURSELF. Use our internal conversation, the value that you feel inside, knowing your goals and realizing what it is you're prepared to sacrifice in order to get what you want. Be realistic. Write your story, write your definition. What will happen is, people will begin to think differently of you, they will see a more authentic side of you. Brands have this conversation as well, they push themselves to be real, to be revered and to be utilized for profit.

2. Create the conversation ... ONE TO ONE

The idea of exchanging dialog with someone in a "networking" environment is to create a want to converse at a later time, in a different setting. Networking isn't just for passing out business cards, its for creating a connection that you can take with you, to coffee, for lunch, another event... but first the conversation has to begin.

Listen ... educate ... interpret ... understand ... he has a very good point when it comes to listening. Listen actively, allow your self to be involved in a conversation, you'd be amazed at the outcome ... you'll be amazed who remembers you at the next event. The product of a good one-to-one conversation deprives the "its all about who you know" mindset of unsuccessful entrepreneurs and replaces it with "its all about who knows me". Put value on yourself and your brand.

3. Create the conversation ... One to Many, transferring your values, goals and beliefs to the masses
Prior to this workshop I understood that I can connect to people that I knew in high school or college, and basically string along those relationships. Then I gained an understanding that I can create long lasting relationships woth some of the most interesting people and never sit next to them in a classroom, never give them a high five ... never even be on the same continent. WE are all connected!

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Live from Brand Camp 09, Personal Branding Conference

I already appreciate this conference already.

The Brand Guru...Hajj Flemings, is giving his take on branding, personal branding, understanding the impact you can have on an industry via social networking. He describes twitter as "digital breadcrumbs", that lead an audience, via "short bursts of information" to an end, to a conclusion, to a product, to a practice or belief. Flemings urges participants to "understand their genius", and take that first step after that A-HA moment to gain notoriety. Translate what you are passionate in to a career.

The main focus behind personal branding is valuing the GRUSTLE ... the grind and the hustle. Branding and grustle is a minimal risk strategy that can propel you into different fields and different industries.

I like that it started on time, I mean, I was late...but apparently they ain't waiting on little ole me...which was my first lesson.... more in a minute

Friday, October 9, 2009

So, this week I am preparing my holiday event, the DIVAS SOCIAL SALE. It hits downtown Detroit on Nov. 29th, 4-7pm and features Detroit-based independent designers and boutiques, unique and stylish pieces, light hor d'eurves (from cook Robert Thomas) and ofcourse, SOME REALLY GOOD DEALS.

I want to create something of a private department store, one that embellishes the shopping experience.

Detroit could've been a fashion mecca of the midwest. The City's has a way of molding innovative designers ...even my mother had her hand in the pot. Her
brothers would host cabarets that featured her collections that included green faux snakeskin raincoats, patchwork jumpsuits and fur-adorned high waisted jeans. My older sister once designed and fabricated her entire wardrobe for a 6-week summer camp. And its not just my family, Detroit has been at the forefront of fashion for years.

And that is where I come in...the DIVAS SOCIAL SALE is the depiction of Detroit Fashion and Flash.

Here's a sneak peak...

Nails by Chloe is doing mini mani/pedis ...you can catch up with her at Northland's STEPPING OUT SALON

And then ... Mashawnta, Detroit's newest makeup artist wants you to personally preview/premiere her newest techniques... peep her work
Denise Reed, designer and seamstress (DeniseReed.com), will feature her fantastic collection of Christmas Stockings ... check how fab they are!

And just a minute ago I confirmed Iklektikk (pronounced ek- clec -tic) will have a section of pieces at the SOCIAL SALE .... how exciting..Nedra (owner) has some great stuff, she really knows how to put somethings together. Here's a peek ....Yeah...its kinda awesome!

I'd suggest saving a little of that Black Friday money ... I'll keep you updated on new boutiques as they are added. If you wanna feature your designs let me know, chris@bethanyeastpr.com

NOV. 29, 4-9PM
check BethanyEastPR.com
for more info on to becoming a vendor

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'ma Do Me...and this!


So, yeah, I was wondering what in the crap did I want my apartment to end up like. And I think I found the most perfect rendition of what my vision should follow. Check back soon for my rendition of the above design approach.
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