Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting myself together...

Well its been a whirlwind for the Black In the City blog. 

I completely apologize to my regular readers for not keeping you posted the last month (or longer) but I have been so very busy.
My wedding and subsequent honeymoon have not been as fairy-tale as I've dreamed.  I have learned so much about matrimony, business and Texas ... and I honestly couldn't be happier.  

The Black In the City blog has always been about understanding where you fit in among the "City" and everything the city holds and I think it's time to revamp what it is that I am going to focus on, especially since I am building my family and business here in a City with so little like me.

Make sure you visit my new website, BethanyEastPR.com.

I look forward to further figuring out where this blog is going and what I am going to feature.  If you have any input please share. 


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