Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Astronomical Kid, talent has not age limit ...brings act to Detroit!

If you are a fan of X-Factor then you know what I am talking about when I say that I am an ASTROnaut!  I watched the reality/talent show a few times in seasons past but not nearly as much as this current season...all because of one of the most original talented lil' kids that I have ever seen.

The Astronomical Kid (aka Astro, aka CKO, coldest kid out) who hails Brooklyn, NYC blew audiences away with his lyrics, panache and humility.  And he's only a tween! 

But X-Factor didn't make this talent up.  He's the product of years in the making, and a ton of hard work has gone into getting him to the top 3 in the reality show.  His first video, Stop Looking at My Mom, has almost 500,000 hits on Youtube.  He's ... well, Astronomical!  

If you have never heard of Astro and are an aspiring rapper, a music lover or a just a fan of young fresh talent, I've posted a view videos.  

Ok, so Astro is bringing his talent to Detroit ... here's the press release and flyer!

(For Immediate Release)

He writes his own rhymes, performs with the confidence of a music industry veteran, and can teach a few “kids” a thing or two about humility.  After a recent blow up during a live performance on X-Factor the future-icon sucked up his youthful pride and apologized as well as managed to cover one of the most popular Jay-Z beats of 2010 (“Show Me What You Got”).  Astronomical Kid is currently in the midst of rumors that he’s signed to top record label Roc Nation, which hasn’t been confirmed by founder Jay-Z, however this information hasn’t been denied either.  As the first hip hop contestant to reach the final four of any major talent show, this Kid has star power.

Which explains why the Y-Arts bringing his tons of talent to Detroit this winter via a partnership with Y-Arts and True2U Magazine.  That’s right! The Astronomical Kid is bringing his solar sized performance to Detroit.

The Y-Arts team has been devoted to building community involvement through public enrichment.  The non-profit organization has been recognized as a creator of outlets for artists and youth and maintaining partnerships with community organizations and businesses.  Y Arts along with True2UMagazine join forces in their mission to inspire and promote positive events in Detroit.  Launched in August 2011, True2UMagazine is a local publication with a calling.  Editor and event producer, Terasia Collins puts it plain and simple “we eat, drink and dream community.”  This brings us back to The Astronomical Kid, who writes lyrics that are as uplifting as they are upbeat, usually, in hip-hop, you get one or the other.
The Party also features Detroit rapper Lil Xae ..
who's a friend of the Black And The City Blog

The Astronomical Kid will perform along with some of metro-Detroit’s child wonders during the first ever Astronomical Skate Jam at Northland Skating Rink on December 29, 2011 from 2:30pm-5:30pm.  This event will be a skating party, performance and a chance for the community to come out, check out local entertainment and a rising recording artists on a personal level.  Parents and fans can purchase tickets now via 
AstroInDetroit.Eventbrite.com.  Tickets are $10 to $25 and expected to sell out fast.
Event is brought to you by True2U Magazine & Y- Arts!

Get your tics!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

City Ties: Where is Bianca Jones?

Everyone knows that I am a Detroit, tried and true.  And I will defend my City as best I can but this story really hit close to home, mostly because it happened literally RIGHT around the corner from where I lived in Detroit for almost 20 years.
Have you seen Bianca Jones?
Detroit's Northend community has been stricken with rumors of drug related crime, prostitution and bad property management.  But one thing that I refuse to believe is that this neighborhood is home to child kidnappers and young men that hurt children.  I know a lot of guys on the 'End, and they all have children, they may be a little down on their luck, but they are young fathers, they are cousins and half of them are hood educators.

Just yesterday a two-year old girl by the name of Bianca Jones was kidnapped-in-haste.  Her father was carjacked and it just so happened that innocent Bianca was in the backseat.  The car was found moments later, however, Bianca wasn't inside.  An Amber Alert was issued all over Detroit (and hopefully Michigan).  But after living on the 'End, walking three blocks a day down Hague St. to Woodward to catch my bus to go to Cass Tech, or walking to the cornerstore on Clay and Oakland I have never seen a more hidden community love.  People from the 'End will stop a drug deal to tell some kids to quite playing in the street, they will halt a whole party to pull a blunt out the pregnant chicks hand (bare with me), these people understand right from wrong.  I've seen momma's look down the barrels of guns pointed at their sons, I've seen young girls making ends meet to support their children, people have come and gone out of the 'End, but the experience still stays.

I hope the community bands together and talks to the police in efforts to find this poor little angel.  I know that Northendians, as we call ourselves, don't have the best history with law enforcement, but those things aside, the sense of family is so strong that maybe, just maybe someone will come forth.

Below you'll find some information on how to identify Bianca and provide any tips to the appropriate people.  All tips are anonymous.
The suspect is a black male, 25-30 years old with a medium complexion and approximately 6 feet tall weighing 185 pounds. He was wearing a black shirt, black pants and needs a shave. He was also wearing a brown and black baseball cap.

Bianca Jones was wearing a purple jacket with gold trimming, pink tights and pink shoes. She is described as being 2 foot five inches tall, weighing 25 pounds and having a light complexion.
If you have information about this alert please call (313) 596-1340 or Crime Stoppers at (800) Speak-Up.

Be peaceful you all, and Pray to God Almighty that Bianca is returned.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Shrine: Fela Kuti meets Notorious BIG in Detroit Performance

It was less than three years ago when heavy weight black celeb power couples Jay-Z and Beyonce and Will and Jada Smith announced their interest in funding the Broadway breakout of FELA! The production shed tons of American light on just who Fela Kuti was, how he influenced African culture and what his music represented.  

Myself, I was only re-introduced to this magnificent individual, musician and activist via a close friend who grew up with his music, just as I did with Nina Simone and the Clark Sisters. 

Every country has their icon, every country has recognized artists that guide their culture, create a combined effort via their lyrics.  In America and around the world we share people like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Beyonce while in Canada they love that Kylie chick and in South America, Shakira is surprisingly still big...nevertheless the type of stardom that these people receive isn't recognized from people from Africa...I mean, we have Akon, but there are large musical movements that go on and end without any reference via the mainstream media.  

Fela was an artist that transferred his music from generation to countryside and back.  

He commanded stadium-sized crowds and each show seemed to go on and get as wild as everyone things Woodstock was...honestly to compare Woodstock to a Fela concert is like comparing your 6-year old birthday party to the Dallas State Fair. 

A friend of mine is in the processes of bringing Fela's music to Detroit via a documentary comparing this African diaspora staple to one of hip hops greatest, Christopher "BIGGIE" Wallace.  Check out more information below the pic!

The Shrine, a multimedia and soundtrack infused event celebrating the lives of Fela Kuti and Notorious B.I.G.  Sankofa El-Afi Tapfuma, uses the lives of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Wallace to evoke the importance of self-dependency.
The Shrine the documentary, which is due out in the first quarter of 2012 and filmed by Gratiot Film’s Ian Harris, will take you through the lives of Kuti and Wallace, and reveal their struggle within a systematic oppressed society, and the empowerment they created for themselves to become wealthy, successful  entities in their communities.
 A celebratory event for the lives of Kuti and Wallace, will take place at the Jazz CafĂ© inside the Music Hall Center for Performing Arts on Dec. 8th 2011, with a 20 minute video presentation of excerpts from the documentary, a dance performance by Wild Spirit Dance Company, and special guest performance by Adeboye Adegbenro ,Leader of "ODU Afrobeat Orchestra" and Lead vocalist and saxophonist for “African Assembly”, who appeared regularly  with Fela and the Egypt 80 band throughout the late 80's.
The event is being hosted by Heart Healers and Shameless Plug with sounds by DJ Kofa, Nation and DJ Espy.  

Event Start Time: 8:00PM – 12:00AM
Admission: $5 and $7 w/ FELA B.I.G. Mix CD produced by DJ Kofa.
Special performances by: Wild Spirit Dance Company, and special guest performance by Adeboye Adegbenro ,Leader of "ODU Afrobeat Orchestra"
If you would like to find out more about the documentary or the event, or would like to interview Sankofa El-Afi Tapfuma, please contact Sankofa (313-685-5245).

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Young, Gifted .. and Blogging!

This sounds like so much fun!! Can't wait to connect with other Black Bloggers and have some fun on the beach! 

Nationwide (November 28, 2011) -- Black Bloggers Connect is partnering with iHustleNation to present the Black Bloggers Connect Cruise 2012. Bloggers, vloggers, webpreneurs, mompreneurs, social media experts, tech gurus & business owners are all invited to join the Black Bloggers Connect Cruise to Ocho Rios, Jamaica & the Cayman Islands on June 2nd- June 7th 2012. Attendees will have the opportunity to: network with members of the Black online community, participate in break out discussions, be eligible for prize give-aways, and experience Ocho Rios, Jamaica & the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands yall! 
BlackBloggersConnect.com is one of the largest online collectives of Black bloggers worldwide. It is also the #1 resource for Black bloggers to network online. BBC members are from over 20 countries, across the world including: U.S.A, Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Ghana, Thailand and the U.K.   
"We are really excited about the Black Bloggers Connect Cruise 2012. We wanted the Black online world to connect in an exciting way. iHustlenation has hosted this cruise for 3 years with last year having hundreds of attendees from all over the country. This year, our partnership hopes to unite networking with relaxation and fun, " says Jessica Ann Mitchell, the founder of Black Bloggers Connect.  

Attendees that sign-up for the cruise on or before January 2nd will have their blog, website or business featured on the homepage of BlackBloggersConnect.com and NationalBlackPages.com. Attendees are able to sign-up and receive additional information at BBCCruise.com.  

Other cruise partners include: Naturals With Attitude, Next Level Entertainment Group, Time 2 Play, and Youtube sensations TxCutie and iHustleNation. Visit www.BBCCruise.com to get more information and register.
For sponsorship information, contact info@blackbloggersconnect.com.

Just to let everyone know, the BlackInTheCity blog is going to pay for me to go on this trip, so I need all of my loyal faithful readers to check out my ads and advertisers, leave a comment, let me know what you want the BlackInTheCity blog to talk about.  

Pretty sure these people aren't bloggers, but they're black and they look good...all that matters! Cruisin' yall!
See you on the ISLAND! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ramen Noodle Soup: Hoes, Souls and Need-to-Knows

#BlackInTheCity was forwarded a very, um...interesting eBook earlier this week and I just can't wait to tell you what I thought about it...

Ramen Noodle Soup for the Soul's author Nova Giovanni has composed what I like to call a commentary-based guide book for modern, dare I say, sexually freed women (and a chapter or two for men) who are exploring their real-life possibilities in relationships, social media, expression and family values.   

Although the title plays on the very popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series this ebook isn't a compilation of short stories and recollections but instead all of the tips and ideas are Novas' own.  

Ramen Noodle is more real than Steve Harvey's bestseller, Act like a Lady, Think like a Man which is immediately conveyed in the table of contexts...chapter titles include 10 Reasons Why You'll Never Be Wifey, 10 Reasons Why I'm Cheating On You, Dora the Explorer is Ruining Our Children! and The Secret Science to Spotting A Slut safe to say this book isn't for the shamed, light at heart and those that are easily offended.

Ramen Noodle is about 20 pages of insight, reality and most noticeably, comedy.  Nova goes as far as calling R. Kelly a wise man and stands behind his how-to chapter devoted to turning a hoe into a housewife saying "You may need to tell her to cut ff all communication with her mother ... If she doesn't, she isn't serious about converting from her hoe ways to the straight path." I often times found it hard to detect whether Nova was kinda joking around being sarcastic or whether he was using reverse psychology to convince men that, although a little on the bitter side, he's all for defining the female psyche.  He clues his male reader into methods to manipulating the minds of hoodrats, whores and winches to thinking like queens, mothers and reputable relationship members.

 Its an hilarious read that, and this may kick me in the arse later on, I completely identified with.

#BlackInTheCity has done a few reviews in the past and I always love tying the relevance to the black community or the female community ... in this case I think this book would be highly influential for the growing community of black women who are trying to change their lives and focus more on getting out of the   materialistic constructs of society.  In the hands of the proper reader it can be an amazing learning opportunity when it comes to finding out what hood (sym. ghetto) guys think about hood women (synonym hoodrats, chicken heads, hoes and sluts) who sometimes, just don't know any better...and vice versa, because women need to know how to deal with male sluts too.

Disclaimer: the term hoodrats, hoes and sluts can be used to define any male or woman having the traits of such, it is NOT race specific to black people. 

There you go... I say, READ IT! Tell me what you think.

  • To get a FREE COPY click the links below...


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Projects Schmojects ... Getting work done!

You have an awesome idea and want to make it happen.

Your business plan is complete and you are in the process of putting you plan into action... and whether it is a product or service you want to launch there is no possible way that you can or should do everything alone...for obvious reasons.

So from graphic designers, copywriting, public relations and marketing, fundraising and web design there will be a multitude of tasks that you should outsource to professionals who actually know what they are doing .... making sure you have the proper team should not be an issue.

Websites like Craigslist allow you to post classifieds online for everyone to see.  I myself, use Craigslist at times for apartment searches and maybe to laugh at random personal ads (don't judge me).  But the problem with Craigslist, other than the killer, is that there's no exclusivity, there's no way of knowing if people you meet are honest and skilled, and, it's just plain creepy sometimes. 

For large projects I prefer to use notable gig-posting sites like Elance.com to post items that you need to get done pertaining to your business.

Elance.com makes sure that all of its freelancers take prerequisite "exams" to ensure they have the proper skillset needed to complete jobs they apply for.

And for all of my Freelance friends out there, Elance.com assists you in making sure you get paid for the work that you do ... those days of waiting until your clients reach success to get paid, no more bounced checks or late payments.

Check it out, tell me what you think of the process and Get Work Done!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Essence of Motown: Literary Jam Event 11/12

I have a few friends that are authors, aspiring self-publishers and interested in composing ... I know that marketing may not be the easiest thing to do, but its always great to find like minded people who may be able to be a mentor.  Check out the Essence of Motown Literary Jam and Conference, hosted by 
Geared to provide literary events in Metro Detroit and assist writers in writing, publishing, marketing and promoting. The Essence of Motown Alliance was created to bring together literary groups and provide an annual literary conference inside of Detroit. The Motown Writers Network is a readers and writers organization that provides networking and education on and off the Internet. Established in 1999, MWN has over 600 members & growing. Members is free with newsletter subscription. All email subscriptions are free. 

Motown Writers presents its annual
November 11-12, 2011

The Virgil Carr Cultural Center
311 E. Grand River
Detroit, MI 48226


check it out! ttyl

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Are You Saying? Building Your Social ME.dia Message

Most of my jobs consist of writing, well, all of them actually.  Whether it be writing reviews for some of San Antonio's newest hotspots to the newest (most useless) of web Apps, I find that I am writing about 80% of my work day.  I blog, comment, share, forward, reply, invite and chat at almost 85 words per minute.  But it wasn't until earlier this week, a conversation with my boyfriend, where I found myself stuck in the conversation as to finding out verbalize the importance of what you want people to read, rather than what you want to say.  He was starting a blog and I was having a hard time letting him move past the first two steps because he hadn't planned out what the blog was going to be about.  

"How dare you start a blog without a plan" was my argument.  And no matter how many times I asked him what his fishing bowl of topics may be contain, he couldn't tell me...his only response, "It's going to be about me." ...but alas, that was not enough.
My Twitter Cloud, @daRealChrisReed, courtesy of tagxedo.com
My boutique PR firm is growing quite fast as I am becoming more and more acceptable with my aesthetic and how I've created a work ethic to accommodate my many business moves.  My work is becoming more streamlined and my clients are boasting new successes as contacts are more eager to return emails and phone calls. What's my secret?  Asking for what I want and not just taking what I can get ... and being able to really communicate is basically the root of all of my success.  

Which leads me to my point.  What's your message?  What are you trying to convey?  
Does your "Rise and Grind" tweets get lost in your "Beer for Breakfast" facebook update?  Is your LinkedIn "I'm all about business and professionalism" profile get overshadowed by all of your "Picture Me Clubbin" pic tags?  

As marketers reach out to specific demographics using social media its often uncertain how to tell gauge what type of consumer, professional and or business owner someone is because every message they post almost always negates the previous.  The world is becoming increasingly smaller (despite how much reaching 7 billion is being publicized) as we are able to see just about every thought, idea, new picture, friend, baby pic, business venture, party and purchase that all of our acquaintances are making up to the minute.  I remember when CNN tickers were only in stock trader language, now I am updated on break ups and new comments while friends (in Hawaii) challenge me to a game of Scrabble.  Anyone can google my name and find out what I do, how to contact me, what I did yesterday and what I am planning in March ... it's easy (I mean, I think I make it easy, especially with sites like About.me/ChrisBethany).  
Word Cloud of the #BlackIntheCity Blog

This week Klout.com restructured its Klout Scoring System which rates a persons effectiveness and influence on the web through a series of calculations and cloud observations.  This very specific algorithm is almost a 2.0 to the former website scoring system Google used in the past.  It gives individual persons the tool of understanding what optimized (searchable) content they've uploaded is saying about them.  

What are you saying?  Do you use social media and the web to air out your dirty laundry?  Or are you using this tool to build your road to success?  Which ever it is, pick a message and stick with it...maybe airing your dirties for everyone to see will bring you success ... but, um, isn't that what reality tv is for?  Whole 'nother subject.

Oh, I figured out that I was going to go ahead and accept my boyfriends idea of going blindly into Blog-stardom, only to be forwarded his blog URL, MrOgba.blogspot.com ... lol, its all about him, he was right.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Something to Do: The Italian Dish hosts Bella Cucina Tasting Event

thought my Detroit peeps would enjoy jumping out the box for a little, seeing what this really cool place has to offer.

Let me know if you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

WAKE UP! Make-up! Contest Alert!

STONEnyc and Heidi D Cosmetics has partnered with Live Nation and The Fillmore Detroit to bring the ultimate beauty, fashion and music sweepstakes for one lucky winner. The grand prize consist of 2 tickets to see Marsha Ambrosius and Miguel live on October 28, 2011, $75.00 from online jewelry and accessory boutique STONEnyc, and six lip gloss from the Heidi D Cosmetics Bossy Collection. For your chance to win this please log on to Facebook.com and enter here. Remember to visit STONEnyc and Heidi D Cosmetics for your accessory and beauty needs. Good Luck!

Entry Period: The Sweepstakes begins at 12:00 PM ET on October 19, 2011, 
and ends at 12:00 PM ET on October 26, 2011.

PRIZES: One (1) Grand Prize

  • consisting of two (2) general admission tickets to Marsha Ambrosius and Miguel concert at The Fillmore Detroit in Detroit, MI scheduled to take place on October 28, 2011; 
  • six (6) lip glosses;
  •  and one (1) $75 StoneNYC gift card. 
    • Gift card redeemable on http://www.mystonenyc.com/ only and expires on April 30, 2012. 
    • Transportation and accommodations are not included. 
    • Approximate Retail Value of Grand Prize is: Two Hundred and Seventy-Six Dollars and Zero Cents ($276.00).

   Courtesy of Love Publicity | Detroit * Atlanta

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Detroit Showcase at SXSW!! Ohhhh, yeah!

Are you a talented singer, band or group that is looking to take your career and skill to the next level? 

BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting has the perfect opportunity for you.  We are putting together a showcase for Detroit-based artists to perform at the annual South-by-Southwest Music Conference. 
The SXSW conference brings music lovers, performers and industry execs together every year in Austin, TX to find the newest, best, most talented acts.  Last year the Michigan Showcase featured rappers and deejays and it was a HUGE SUCCESS… this show is JUST FOR singers and urban poets, and it is going to be BIG!

Participating Artists* will receive
  • Prominent marketing opportunities within the marketing campaign of the SOULcase
  • Track on the SOULcase Mixtape, given away free to attendees and SXSW passers-by
  • Invitation to the SOULcase marketing photoshoot (FREE)
  • Prominent promotion via a conference, city and national media and press campaign

Get in on this action!
This event is a first of its kind and has the main goal of shedding some much-needed light on the talent that Detroit artists possess.

Individual singers, groups and bands are welcome to take part of this lucrative opportunity, as you will be able to grow your fanbase immediately.  Thousands travel from all over the country to this conference, which features the newest trends and up-and-coming products in music, technology and media. 
Street Performers taking advantage of the crowds.

Some people perform guerrilla style, anywhere they can find a spot

Artists who wish to submit their work** for consideration can contact Chris Reed, Bethany.EastPR@LIVE.com

*There is a mandatory marketing fee of $200 per artists, band or group.  This fee can be paid in installments of 4 payments of $50.  This fee covers initial marketing, venue and equipment cost.  Artists are responsible for transportation to, lodging in Austin during the conference … discounts, and rebates may be available.
**Submissions can be in the forms of links to youtube videos, links to your SoundCloud account, links to your Facebook fanpage and should include pics of you during recent performance and a short bio.  Emphasis will be given to seasoned as well as new performers.  Facebook Fanpage likes, Twitter followers and press will be considered during the selection process.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls and the Media

There must be a thousand new initiatives that have the goal of enabling and inspiring young girls to become powerful girls and women.  Women have been pushing for equal treatment and equal pay since the 1920s, and it's only right seeing as how women and girls control billions of dollars in buying power, manage to start business and families consecutively and has increased productivity of legislatures and governments across the globe.

But here comes the twist.  Despite the moves being made to tell women that they are worth every penny they spend (times 1000), despite philanthropic processes to send underrepresented women to college and the consideration given to girls in "depriving" cultures who don't have the freedoms of every other girl in America to be expressive and an individual there is still unfair treatment within the orientation, there are divisions among class, color, size and education, even style, hair color and culture separate women.  Whether it is the media or the economy of our melting pot of cultures that is procuring this division and pitting-against of women in America the effects aren't going unnoticed.

Ok, this year marked a ton of instances where women were put in the limelight.  Sarah Palin continued to show her ass, Oprah stopped the NBA Finals so that she can end her show, Chaz Bono decided to become a man, and without further description, Basketball Wives, all of the Real Housewives series, Bridezillas and Tough Love have done their part in MANipulating how entitled, selfish, mis-informed and disengaged women, allegedly, are.  

Devoted Mom or Education Thief
And then there is the legislature.  How many of us watched as Kelly Bolar, a devoted mother, was sentenced to 10 days in jail followed by probation after being convicted of "stealing" an education for her son.  When in fact all she did was send her son to an elementary school in her father's neighborhood, it was a better school than the inner-city school in her immediate neighborhood.  School officials claim that the cost of the education was approximately $30,500 for the 4 years her son was enrolled.  

I thought the charges were erroneous, in a country where we are pushed to do what we have to do to survive, get in where you fit in, and make sure you get everything you are supposed to get.  In this particular case the charges weren't overturned but Bolar's sentence was decreased to just probation.  (no one has said anything about the disparities in the funds applied per student and how they differentiate between inner-city and suburban Ohio public schools).

It just all seemed a bit harsh to treat this loving single working mother this way.  I mean, I can see if she was a party animal that would abandon her child for days at a time, partying and doing who knows what. It's not like she murdered her child or was forcing him to steal from neighborhood pawn shops.  

What does this tell black single mothers?  And I know a ton of black single mothers who are doing everything they can for their sons and daughters to halt them from becoming a statistic.  Unlike some other people that have been thrust into the limelight.

Casey "I'ma good mother" Anthony ... I'm just sayin!
Casey Anthony caused the state of Florida to spend more than a million dollars in search of her dead daughter and a truth in her web of lies.  She walks free.  

While single mother Janelle from popular MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant has about 4 drug-related infractions under her belt, and manages to make upwards of $75k a year.

In fact, the entire cast of 16 and Pregnant and its spinoff Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have made young girls familiar with the possible popularity of having a baby so young.  Which is funny, because this show was originally thought to show young women how challenging it is to become a mother too soon.  There are now reports of girls getting pregnant in hopes of being cast in a reality show.

Ain't that a mess?  This is what we are teaching lil white girls!

While lil Muslim girls are being killed by their fathers for becoming too American, this country really has a to invest a lot more when it comes to NOT streamlining the mindset of women into the uber-materialistic, commercial media whores that the majority is clearly becoming.  

Strippers being swept off their feet to marry football players or rappers and small town girls catching the eye of tech and internet CEOs is a rare occassion, but thanks to media at the rate we are going, women can get away with murder, as long as they look the part... 

Amanda Knox was recently freed of all charges of murder in Italy!
Black in the City is a realist type blog...I'm just calling them how I see them.  The American viewer is becoming seduced by the wiles of women who are of a small community among us.  There is a backwards movement going on here, and its moving much faster than the Girls, Inc. of the country, even the Barbie mantra of independence has been tainted by the bumping and grinding of our newest clown apparent representative 
Fried chicken necklace, raw talent? Confused much?
So, here's the call to action.  
  1. Turn off these shows that depict women as confused followers of false celebrities.  
  2. Read a book by one of the countries most esteemed female authors (um, the editors at Vogue, Cosmopolitan and ELLE aren't authors, so reach for a little Maya, Iyanla or Zora)  
  3. Become a mentor and do what you can to speak some common sense into these young girls heads.  Let them know that every marriage doesn't have to start out of pity and end with divorce, not having a daddy is no longer an excuse, self confidence does not mean you can last the whole day in high school without taking off your 4 inch stilettos, creating classic style is long lasting and helps maintain your balance so that newer issues can be confronted as they come.  
  4. Get organized, write a plan that doesn't include sizing yourself up to everyone else. 
  5. Get help when you need it, stop internalizing and, by all means, be a woman...if anything else, remain steadfast with your standards and growth pattern.
(drops the mic) Stay pretty Divas

ok, so after I posted this I was forwarded this video of a little girl performing Nicki Minaj's Super Bass (which is a song laden with expletives and sexual innuendos), this further influences me to teach my kids the "Ain't I A Woman" speech Sojourner Truth graced an audience with back in 1851.)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sun Up to Sun Up, Project Mgmt & Your Work Schedule

My new routine is growing on me.  I am working constantly to create a profitable livelihood, my new word to use in place of career seeing as how I am trying to bring my skills to the ca-front.  And the responsibility is looking good on me.  New tools and resources and being able to take advantage of such freely can give anyone the inspiration they need to remain productive ...  however it is the process of seeking out these tools that will show you just how much work it takes to actually ... well, work.

This week I pieced together a RFI for a friend that wanted to make a presentation to a local, promising, small business.  She wanted me to create a project plan and detailed scope of services that pertained to completing a string of tasks.  The end result, launching and maintaining a full out branding campaign for a new clothing company and relaunching its mothering urban entertainment company.  Easy enough. (side eye)

"I know how to get the work done." She explained, "I just don't know how to put it into words."

I set out doing research, compiling content, creating a project plan, budget and checklist.  I even put in a FAQ section for pizzazz.  Within a few hours she was forwarded a formatted PDF e-document composed to make the simplest of minds understand ins and outs of the services of my girls awesome work.

Like I said, easy enough.

What we do is sometimes so overwhelming to us that we forget just how we got to where we are.  I was greeted today by Black-life commentator Roland Smith on CNN giving his reasons why the African American unemployment rate is at its highest in 27 years.  Which really hit home because this means that as for as long as I have been alive the very community in which I live, love and rely on has progressively gotten worse.  Which only means to me ... that .. it must be getting better from here.  Coming from where I'm from (an eighties baby & Detroit-native) unemployment and the notion of entrepreneurship has always come hand in hand.
Optimistic .. i.e. "can't tell me nothing" #kanyeshrug

When asked, I replied, "Sometimes it is the Bridge that is greener,  and on top of all that, it connects BOTH sides."
*I visited the Japanese Tea Gardens this week with @IgboSwag, it was absolutely beautiful!

Being a freelance anything in the eyes of my Assembly Line-era family is the same as "not having no job".  However, my argument is this, wasn't entrepreneurship what started Motor City in the first place.  Wasn't it also such that further the independent civil rights fights for blacks in the 40s, 50s and 60s?  I mean, I don't think many large pharmaceutical companies were doing event sponsorships for Equal Rights Rallies.

Sun Up to Sun Up
My entrepreneur life is teaching me so much on a daily.  From sun up to sun up, is my newest mantra ... it describes my work day.  No naps, a few breaks, tons of phone calls and emails comprise my day.

I have gotten into the habit of not taking "no" as an answer.  And by keeping a well scripted log of my actions I am putting different spins on BethanyEast PR events and connections.  A string of lessons has taught me some key things:

  • look for roads less taken when it comes to my industry,
  • ask the right questions and do the research necessary to get the right answers
  • be courteous of your time as well as other peoples time
  • stay relevant and/or maintain knowledge of what is relevant
Simple enough right ...?

I know where I am.  Do you?
Upon this revelation, my girl who I had completed the earlier mentioned work shot me a GChat, "Thank you.  I don't know how you do it." ... my reply, "Me either."

  • always be open to new lessons, continued lessons and old lessons.
What have you learned about your #werq ethic lately?  I am anxious to looking into more black-/minority-/oddly owned businesses and events ... talk to me people.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Hair: Beauty Trunk Show in San Antonio, TX

I know what you are thinking ... I thought you had dreads ... and that's true.  I do have dreads, but that isn't stopping me from hosting an event for my long and wavvy loving sistas.

The #GoodHair Trunk Show is an event for the masses, not only are stylists coming to shop for the most premium of Indian, Malaysian and Brazilian human hair, but the public is welcome to the event as well. 

We all know that San Antonio may not always have the best selection of beauty products for those women that like a little something extra and are more familiar with a premium grade of extension so I am teaming up with Glam Hair by Jay to host this event at TC's Hair & Nail Salon on October 3rd from 5-7:30. 

Attendees must RSVP at GoodHairTrunkShow.eventbrite.com, there is a $10 shopping fee, but don't worry, refreshments will be served and you'll get an awesome gift bag full of goodies to take home.  You can also RSVP via Facebook, but the price at the door may be slightly higher than advertised here.

Peep the flyer.... TTYL

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reality vs. Real World ME.dia

I am forever astounded by the mental capacity of the average  man.  Honestly, they are allowed to think of some of the most profound of topics, instances and occurances.

So, I am sitting here, after drinks and a few laughs with my now boyfriend, Kelechi (pronounced kay-lay-chi) and there has been a shipment at his house today, his roommate, an avid fellow, has purchased a new video game counsel.   It's almost as if the world has stopped moving, if we don't get this game set up and attached to the 40inch HDTV resting in the living room, who knows what will happen.  The entire video game world is waiting for these two guys to finish figuring out just what they are supposed to do and do it ...when it comes to the video game only ofcouse .... everything else in the world, will continue moving according to its normal trajectory. 

Which brings me to my point.  In a world where a jaded since of "reality" is shoved down our eye sockets its often a little harder to realize how to transition our dreams into fruition.  What is the process of creating a project management plan for organizing a work plan for our inner most goals.  Today I was able to work on an idea that I've had for a few months, since seeing a certain documentary on how lucrative a specific industry was and I realized that this event is GOING to happen.  It's my first event in San Antonio and I am learning so much about both the City and my own transitioning.

Business has been different for small businesses during the past quarter.  The economically indifferent atmosphere of big spenders possessing a drastic sense of entitlement has definitely created a new environment for business owners and how they market to us.  The ability to appeal to a very defined and specific market has created an upper hand for the various communities of consumers, they are demanding more and wanting to pay less and less for it.  What does that say about the "general" consumer who wants to maintain their false sense of success while on a limited budget influenced by a "gloat" based social media life?

Again, bear with me, I am going somewhere, if not everywhere, with this one.  

In terms of E! and Bravo TX I am supposed to be in a full-blown relationship, with a career and a side gig (endorsement), married to an NFL player and being an apparent size 6 on television (4 in real life).  

But I am none of those things.  Instead a girl from Detroit, who went to college on a scholarship, graduated in the middle of her class and at some point was never in complete control of her actual life, and mistaking the day-to-day livelihood and happenings as what "life has to offer", for a person her class, size, color, demeanor, origin, familial lineage ... etc, and all of that jazz.  To say the least, I was spending more time commenting on Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of New Jersey than I was focusing on the hard work it took to get to both of those points i
Upon deciding to relaunch my business I have been searching for causes that are not only lucrative, but worth my time: ofcourse those are different things, despite their similarity.    I am now in the middle of learning how to turn my dreams into my own reality. 

I am focusing more on certain tasks and processes as I did before and for that I am increasing my working knowledge of each and every instance.  But most importantly I am creating a new rule, whereas I complete a task I cease to worry, fret, bother with, explore new options on that particular issue, and began to focus, clearly on the next.

I am coming along great with the transition of letting dogs lie, observing sleeping patterns and readjusting my personal space to get more lucrative setting for my business and social networks. 

When it comes to maintaining individuality amongst my clients and my network this new method of creating a zen moment in between my talents has helped me to remain focused. 

This is a new #BlackIntheCity as I am reaching new heights in my mentality, thus exploring my options of keeping it copesthetic (real).  My reality, being a little slower than that of the "reality" we see on television and in social media, where everyone is either a model or a stylist, a blonde or a brunette, nevertheless, it is my own and although I am not waltzing the city streets with cameras tethered to my every expression, I must control myself as if, at any and every moment, I'm live and in living color.

TTYL, let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Drumming up some new business ... do so with advertisements.

Normal banner ads and links on associating websites may not do the trick, create local exposure using the Highway Method in advertising ... place ads where you know the traffic will go.  From Craigslist to Local Blogs, reach out to the frontier of where your clients and social networks will surely find you.

Make sure your advertisements aren't too vague, the average consumer requires just enough information to get them interested and then just enough information to verify you as an authority on the subject or industry or product, thus and therefore, giving you a call.

I made this ad with Microsoft Powerpoint, even making it into a JPG and PDF was easy.

If you see this on a Craigslist site near you, don't hate.

Just a tip, TTYL

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Blessings in Redirecting

It seems as if every other blog I write is meant to illustrate some new frontier in my life.  I don't necessarily believe that this one is going to be any different.  So, if you don't feel like being inspired, having a quick little revelation, or even finding out that you are not the only one switching up the scene, then I suggest you stop reading ... everyone else, roll with me.

So business is looking up and I am preparing to launch my newly renovated website, BethanyEastPR.com (don't click on it yet, I said I am preparing, so be patient).  The website will illustrate a few of my PR products.  And by products I mean, a la carte public relations and media services that any small business will be able to purchase, track and see a noticeable ROI (return on investment).  I began to formulate these products in late 2009 when some local business owners that I had befriended had a desperate need for PR but no particular budget that included hourly billing for such a service.  I began to offer my services under a monthly contract, however that wasn't as lucrative for myself as each business owner would basically over work me.  It was a mess.

In early 2010 I decided to dive into my own lane of public relations, actually producing events and marketing opportunities for small businesses in the Detroit area, it was a rocky road, but pretty soon I began to earn a little recognition for my efforts.

Then came the move to San Antonio, where at first, I struggled to locate my new niche market.

The entire process was a lesson.  And I decided, towards the middle of last year that in each instance of interaction with a potential client or entrepreneurs to take a few notes as to what it was that I was doing, learning and thinking.  

I've since filled a 5-subject notebook with contract drafts, proposal outlines, budgets, book ideas, event ideas, dinner ideas, tasks lists ... whatever it was that I dreamed or was motivated to expound upon, I wrote it down. And now, I have a string of blogs that will soon become staples among my lineup of posts.  I will feature everything from commentary on politics, fashion finds, dates on the city, advice, business and marketing tips, twitpic tours and guest bloggers.  Its been a tough transition, but I must say, things are looking up.

It all comes down to being redirected.  

If you're a true #BlackInTheCity blog reader you know that I am all for making decisions without excuses, stating my opinion and creating action.  I take things in stride and I am not easily angered. And most importantly I always accept when to make a change, and how to recognize when that change validates itself in both my business and my life.

Don't get me wrong, most of these "changes" can often times be considered, failures .. but, I'm an optimist and everything's relative.  Right?

That's where the blessings lay.  Everytime I start a new contract or project I will encounter my fair share of obstacles.  As I quickly make moves to learn new skills and make new contacts, I'm often redirected .. not meaning to say that I am given the run around but, hey, it happens.  But being steadfast and diligent in all of my tasks is a lesson that I am constantly being taught.

I've come into a situation that has created a zen within me.  I wish I could tell you what exactly it is, but that would ruin all of the new things I've got lined up for you.  

... my idea of when one of those "changes" becomes a redirected blessing in your favorite ...