Monday, February 27, 2012

HomeGirl Chronicles #6: MASH Mag Launches 2nd Edition!!

Ladies, ladies, ladies and Divas! This one is for you...my homegirls!

Detroit-based MASH Magazine launched its second edition this week and we are all excited about the new things super luxe pages.

Everyone is invited to check out my article on bike culture in Detroit...and editor-in-chief, Mashawnta Armstrong, has put together one of the most dynamic fashion/beauty spreads to come out of the midwest in years.

Below is the press release I did to promote the launch of the new edition of MASH ...
The publication is available on iPad, iPod, Android and tablet devices via download with the Zinio app.


  1. The press release is not showing but, I am going to go visit the MASH mag right now.