Monday, June 25, 2012

The Great Give Back - #TeamOgba volunteers

One of the first things we decided to publicly do as a small business was volunteer.  The opportunity came up to run a 5k for a local charity ... I declined, I really ain't about running.  But something I do love is cleaning, it's something my dad instilled in me.  When we first saw the posting on Facebook from the San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation for volunteers to clean up a home in an historic neighborhood, I jumped at the opportunity to help out.

Bout to get started ... we were all smiles and suited up!

By the middle of the morning I was covered from head to toe #teamnobugsonme

@MrOgba was doing the most!

We demolished the backyard

Found a few little treasures ... including a grapevine that I left by mistake. :(

Met some cool peeps.  

So, this tells me that I can get a garden... 

That's a mattress they're carrying ... I refused to touch it.

Here are a few pics of our fantastic Saturday.  And some before and after of the beautiful home we helped clean up.
The Before

The After ... all clean

Shout-out to the Team!

Thanks for the opportunity!

 Everyone, I'd love to find out what  you do to give back to your community, have you started your own initiative in your neighborhood?  Let me know in the comments section.


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  1. you guys are too cute! I would pick running over cleaning any day ... but restoration ... well, that you might be able to talk me in to :)