Saturday, February 11, 2012

#DivasDayOut hits the Streets of SXSW

This year the #BlackInTheCity and BethanyEast PR teams are joining the ranks of marketing and social media campaigns at the 2012 SXSW Music Conference!

#DivasDayOut is a new guerrilla marketing campaign that will feature independent and new products and information from fashion, beauty, small business and lifestyle brands in a 2500 swag bag giveaway.

Some of the main features of #DivasDayOut are the opportunities to reach an audience of almost 15k consumers via social media and a definite 2500 female consumers via the swag bag giveaway.

Recipients will be required to check in on either Foursquare or the #DivasDayOut Facebook FanPage list as well as the Twitter feed.  Vendors will be able to forward messages, updates, discount codes and conduct contests with either lists.  Also professional pics taken during the giveaway will be uploaded/forwarded to all vendors. And did I mention that our specially trained Brand Ambassadors are the best in the business, this isn't just any "street-team" situation.

#EntrepreneursLife?? Do you want to promote your brand during SXSW?  
As you may know, sampling/freebie campaigns have been known to create instant consumer loyalty towards a brand as well as dual-exposure with the advent of social media, fashion vlogging and media sharing (Facebook pics, Tumblrs, Instagram and other pic/vid platforms).

I would love to converse with you further on the specifics of this campaign.  I'm able to forward any interested party a very illustrative marketing proposal which lists in full the marketing strategy, benefits and costs of participation (packages are priced for small business owners).

Deadline for participation is March 1st, 2012.  Contact Bethany.EastPR@live.com for more info or  to participate.

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