Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ring me up ... the "I'm Getting Married" post

In a lovely turn of events my boyfriend of 6 months, @IgboSwag, and I have chosen to spend the rest of our dark chocolate lives together.  I couldn't be a happier woman at this point.  Now, as I fling myself in between decisions for clients, writing press releases and proposals to planning a multi-national wedding. ...yes, I said multi-national.  That's the only word I can find to describe it.  If you haven't come to the conclusion now, @IgboSwag is Nigerian.  And traditionally weddings are sacred instances of massive partying.

There's so much involved.  So much to think about.  And apparently, it has to be perfect.

Nevertheless, I like to take things a little slower these days, especially when I am planning events, or maybe its because I am obsessed with rings.

I don't remember alot about the married women I knew and their wedding ring situation.  It wasn't until after college that I recognized that married black women's ring game was not up to par with those of other races.  The first time I saw a girl my age wearing a gigantic rock was while working a small boutique in Birmingham.  A young bride had come into the shoppe for the bridal registry, and her Tiffany set diamond caught my eye.  It was beautifully set in platinum and had all the sparkle in the world and it completely ROCKED mine.  Who was this man she was dating that could afford such a gift?  Was he "old money"?   Was he "old" in general?  Definitely no young man would have the audacity to purchase something soo flashy ... right?
(Clearly I use to think that everyone had to be as broke as I was)

 But that's when I found BlueNile.com ... it's diamond heaven.  And I've never been afraid to go into a place and try on a few diamonds, just to get myself familiar with how they feel on my body, so now I can sit at home and gawk, sqweel and cry over carat sizes ... and I can even build my own ring!
2-carat Channel setting, w/ Sapphires ... I'm this kind of girl
Blue Nile has kept me entertained for a few hours already this morning.. and I have ton of posts to write.

Oh wait, there is a SALE AREA.
#TeamOgba ... nice to meet you!
All those that wish to come to the wedding, click some links, it'll help us pay for the whole thing.

TTYL .... and most of my posts from here on out will confront some sort of wedding news, products or whatever ... so, prepare yourself.

The also have great options for Valentine's Day fellas ... I think the hubster is going to write a post on those.

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