Thursday, January 26, 2012

HomeGirl Chronicles #3: Daddy's Girl Options for Gifting

If you follow me on twitter or have ever met me, you know that I am a Daddy's girl, tried and true.  I hold my father as one of my top references in arguments, research papers, lifestyle decisions and jokes.

Today is my dad's birthday and I wanted to share a few options with everyone on gifts that dads would love.  Gone are the days when a new tie or a shiney new Bible cover would suffice, dads are doing more and deserve more ... especially the best Dads, like mine.

The first rule of Gift Giving For Dad is ...

1.  Remember what it is they like to do.  Yes, all dads have passtimes and hobbies, but sometimes we (as Daddy's Girls) don't recognize that they do other things but cater to us all day.
I often regarded my dad's lifetime supply of wood scraps, nails and tools as "the crap we keep in the backyard" until I found out that that "crap" kept food on our table for 18 years.
Speaking of food .. I DO KNOW that my dad loves to cook! So, instead of adding to the pile of crap in the backyard, an apron would be a great idea for a gift.  Because it makes everyone happy, Dad gets something new and I get to watch him twirl around the kitchen in it while he whips me up my favorite meal ... lasagna.

#2.  Remember what you and your dad have been through together.  A lady only gets awarded Daddy's Girl status after you've stood your ground.  I am not going to admit to giving my father gray hairs ... I am not going to openly say that I may have made him cry a few times (more times than not those were tears of joy ...right?) But I am going to say that my Dad and I have had our ups and downs.  He is, and he'd agree to this, my first boyfriend ... so yes, we faught, argued and battled over more than a few things.  And in each instance, I like to think I made him better at what he does ... i.e. understanding me.  (what did you think I was gonna say?) What better gift to show this off than a comical mug.

And lastly,
#3.  Understand where your dad is coming from.  My dad is hitting 70 years young, but he's still up with the times.  I mean, as best as he can he's managed cell phones, wireless phones, speaker phones and even answering machines .. computers, not so much.  He still drafts his emails on his typewriter (that wasn't a joke, I have proof) .. so when gift giving for dad, always remember their generations.  You don't want to shock them into keeping up with the rest of the world, so an iPad is out of the question .. plus, all the Dads I know have the biggest hands in the world, I wouldn't even want to watch him manipulate the slide and sweep actions of Angry Birds.  What better gift but a little bit of technology nostalgia ..think a good ol' (super unnecessary) customized mouse pad.  I mean, there's no way that he would understand that mice have infrared technology and could be used on any surface now ... and I've been meaning to replace the one personalized with my 9th grade photo he's had for years (he leaves it around the house for literally everyone to see)
A man and his typewriter - love this guy dot com

So, Happy Birthday Dad! You're 
(clearly, obviously, indisputably) THE BEST!
My Dad Stay Swag'd!

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