Monday, January 16, 2012

The King of Love ... who's leading our battle now?

The first thing any black child learns about Black History Month is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We learned his message, his battle, his opposers and his speech.  He was a fantastic man that the world has grown to truly appreciate, flaws and all.

I had the joy of attending the groundbreaking of his memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC about 5 years ago.  It was an exciting experience and the people that were there had a community feeling of love and acceptance.  And I treasure the moment spent with the likes of senators and tv personalities ... also, it was the last time I seen one of my best friends before she was killed by a drunk driver.
(RIP) Meloni, Kim & I w/ Soledad O'Brien .. #BlackInAmerica
@The MLK Memorial Groundbreaking in DC, 2006

When I think of Dr. King I think of everything that black people, women, orphans, people with disabilities, foreign Americans, and everyone that has suffered.  I think of the things that they've now accomplished after recognizing how to fight via Dr. King.

But I am sad because there aren't many stars that have risen to the occasion as King had.  Who is leading our people?  Where is that "voice" of reason when it comes to what battles we'll fight, or did we only learn to turn the other cheek ... and tweet anonymously, and crash a few computers, and sleep in a park  ... where's the real action?  The boycotts of big business?  The picketing of discrimination for those men that Governor in Georgia pardoned ... would the country be in such an uproar if those men were white?

What I am saying, in the words of my most favorite Nina Simone, What has happened now that the King of Love is dead?
ofcourse, we have a black president ... but congress has yet to be infiltrated by minorities  .. the senate too!
ofcousre, black boys are quarterbacks in the NFL ... but the NFL is owned by old white men who fine, yell at, starve and beat their high-priced (mostly) players ... same thing for the NCAA.
there maybe, free share of information across the board, but access to that information is limited in low income areas where libraries and public schools don't get the same amount of funding as their suburban counterparts ...
Are we still moving for the equality that Dr. King preached for?  Or have we settled for iPhones and tax refund checks?  Have they quieted our cries with free apps like twitter when gas prices are exuberant?

I know we aren't happy. but...
Are we still fighting?  
Let me know.

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