Monday, January 2, 2012

Homegirl Chronicles #1

As you all may know, I love to get things out in the open.  I like to speak my mind, and it really doesn't matter if anyone really hears me...but I know how to make people listen.

This new section that I am rolling out with this year is the BiTC.Homegirl Chronicles...and it's not just a play on letters, acronyms and words...this is going to get deep.  This series will implement dynamic views of the black community, how I associate with news, legislature, pop culture, not-so-pop culture and the random direction our entire young American community is headed (those darn young wipper-snappers!)

Let's get this party poppin'!

San Antonio, TX (and sometimes Austin) is where I call home.  But I am still a Detroiter, as you can see, half of my blog posts promote Detroit-based events.  It is my native town that gave me this weird view of my world, whereas now it is the most segregated city in America, in history it was the city every negro slave risked their lives to.  And now, living in Texas, I tell people about my Detroit roots and they give me the "glad you made it out" face... is it that serious?

I am not one to preach to the choir, but are we still on this "product of our environment" mess?

I am anxious to read what you have to say about how you've create new "not your average" opportunities in your realm, world, neighborhood or box. ... more to come from the Homegirl.



  1. Though I live in STL, I still rep Detroit and get similar responses. I'm interested in learning how others create new opportunities too. I know that conferences and Meetup.com have helped me develop new relationships

  2. I luv me some Meetup.com. The first time I heard about the site was while chilling out in Brooklyn. I make a point to talk to strangers, and apparently that's wild to some people...especially coming from Detroit. Event though that's something that being a Detroit has taught me, to speak my mind, because no one else will.

    My environment is what I make it, which is why I think social networking is so easy... its a vicious cycle trying to answer the "environment" question.