Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Astronomical Kid, talent has not age limit ...brings act to Detroit!

If you are a fan of X-Factor then you know what I am talking about when I say that I am an ASTROnaut!  I watched the reality/talent show a few times in seasons past but not nearly as much as this current season...all because of one of the most original talented lil' kids that I have ever seen.

The Astronomical Kid (aka Astro, aka CKO, coldest kid out) who hails Brooklyn, NYC blew audiences away with his lyrics, panache and humility.  And he's only a tween! 

But X-Factor didn't make this talent up.  He's the product of years in the making, and a ton of hard work has gone into getting him to the top 3 in the reality show.  His first video, Stop Looking at My Mom, has almost 500,000 hits on Youtube.  He's ... well, Astronomical!  

If you have never heard of Astro and are an aspiring rapper, a music lover or a just a fan of young fresh talent, I've posted a view videos.  

Ok, so Astro is bringing his talent to Detroit ... here's the press release and flyer!

(For Immediate Release)

He writes his own rhymes, performs with the confidence of a music industry veteran, and can teach a few “kids” a thing or two about humility.  After a recent blow up during a live performance on X-Factor the future-icon sucked up his youthful pride and apologized as well as managed to cover one of the most popular Jay-Z beats of 2010 (“Show Me What You Got”).  Astronomical Kid is currently in the midst of rumors that he’s signed to top record label Roc Nation, which hasn’t been confirmed by founder Jay-Z, however this information hasn’t been denied either.  As the first hip hop contestant to reach the final four of any major talent show, this Kid has star power.

Which explains why the Y-Arts bringing his tons of talent to Detroit this winter via a partnership with Y-Arts and True2U Magazine.  That’s right! The Astronomical Kid is bringing his solar sized performance to Detroit.

The Y-Arts team has been devoted to building community involvement through public enrichment.  The non-profit organization has been recognized as a creator of outlets for artists and youth and maintaining partnerships with community organizations and businesses.  Y Arts along with True2UMagazine join forces in their mission to inspire and promote positive events in Detroit.  Launched in August 2011, True2UMagazine is a local publication with a calling.  Editor and event producer, Terasia Collins puts it plain and simple “we eat, drink and dream community.”  This brings us back to The Astronomical Kid, who writes lyrics that are as uplifting as they are upbeat, usually, in hip-hop, you get one or the other.
The Party also features Detroit rapper Lil Xae ..
who's a friend of the Black And The City Blog

The Astronomical Kid will perform along with some of metro-Detroit’s child wonders during the first ever Astronomical Skate Jam at Northland Skating Rink on December 29, 2011 from 2:30pm-5:30pm.  This event will be a skating party, performance and a chance for the community to come out, check out local entertainment and a rising recording artists on a personal level.  Parents and fans can purchase tickets now via 
AstroInDetroit.Eventbrite.com.  Tickets are $10 to $25 and expected to sell out fast.
Event is brought to you by True2U Magazine & Y- Arts!

Get your tics!


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