Saturday, December 3, 2011

City Ties: Where is Bianca Jones?

Everyone knows that I am a Detroit, tried and true.  And I will defend my City as best I can but this story really hit close to home, mostly because it happened literally RIGHT around the corner from where I lived in Detroit for almost 20 years.
Have you seen Bianca Jones?
Detroit's Northend community has been stricken with rumors of drug related crime, prostitution and bad property management.  But one thing that I refuse to believe is that this neighborhood is home to child kidnappers and young men that hurt children.  I know a lot of guys on the 'End, and they all have children, they may be a little down on their luck, but they are young fathers, they are cousins and half of them are hood educators.

Just yesterday a two-year old girl by the name of Bianca Jones was kidnapped-in-haste.  Her father was carjacked and it just so happened that innocent Bianca was in the backseat.  The car was found moments later, however, Bianca wasn't inside.  An Amber Alert was issued all over Detroit (and hopefully Michigan).  But after living on the 'End, walking three blocks a day down Hague St. to Woodward to catch my bus to go to Cass Tech, or walking to the cornerstore on Clay and Oakland I have never seen a more hidden community love.  People from the 'End will stop a drug deal to tell some kids to quite playing in the street, they will halt a whole party to pull a blunt out the pregnant chicks hand (bare with me), these people understand right from wrong.  I've seen momma's look down the barrels of guns pointed at their sons, I've seen young girls making ends meet to support their children, people have come and gone out of the 'End, but the experience still stays.

I hope the community bands together and talks to the police in efforts to find this poor little angel.  I know that Northendians, as we call ourselves, don't have the best history with law enforcement, but those things aside, the sense of family is so strong that maybe, just maybe someone will come forth.

Below you'll find some information on how to identify Bianca and provide any tips to the appropriate people.  All tips are anonymous.
The suspect is a black male, 25-30 years old with a medium complexion and approximately 6 feet tall weighing 185 pounds. He was wearing a black shirt, black pants and needs a shave. He was also wearing a brown and black baseball cap.

Bianca Jones was wearing a purple jacket with gold trimming, pink tights and pink shoes. She is described as being 2 foot five inches tall, weighing 25 pounds and having a light complexion.
If you have information about this alert please call (313) 596-1340 or Crime Stoppers at (800) Speak-Up.

Be peaceful you all, and Pray to God Almighty that Bianca is returned.

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