Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Are You Saying? Building Your Social ME.dia Message

Most of my jobs consist of writing, well, all of them actually.  Whether it be writing reviews for some of San Antonio's newest hotspots to the newest (most useless) of web Apps, I find that I am writing about 80% of my work day.  I blog, comment, share, forward, reply, invite and chat at almost 85 words per minute.  But it wasn't until earlier this week, a conversation with my boyfriend, where I found myself stuck in the conversation as to finding out verbalize the importance of what you want people to read, rather than what you want to say.  He was starting a blog and I was having a hard time letting him move past the first two steps because he hadn't planned out what the blog was going to be about.  

"How dare you start a blog without a plan" was my argument.  And no matter how many times I asked him what his fishing bowl of topics may be contain, he couldn't tell me...his only response, "It's going to be about me." ...but alas, that was not enough.
My Twitter Cloud, @daRealChrisReed, courtesy of tagxedo.com
My boutique PR firm is growing quite fast as I am becoming more and more acceptable with my aesthetic and how I've created a work ethic to accommodate my many business moves.  My work is becoming more streamlined and my clients are boasting new successes as contacts are more eager to return emails and phone calls. What's my secret?  Asking for what I want and not just taking what I can get ... and being able to really communicate is basically the root of all of my success.  

Which leads me to my point.  What's your message?  What are you trying to convey?  
Does your "Rise and Grind" tweets get lost in your "Beer for Breakfast" facebook update?  Is your LinkedIn "I'm all about business and professionalism" profile get overshadowed by all of your "Picture Me Clubbin" pic tags?  

As marketers reach out to specific demographics using social media its often uncertain how to tell gauge what type of consumer, professional and or business owner someone is because every message they post almost always negates the previous.  The world is becoming increasingly smaller (despite how much reaching 7 billion is being publicized) as we are able to see just about every thought, idea, new picture, friend, baby pic, business venture, party and purchase that all of our acquaintances are making up to the minute.  I remember when CNN tickers were only in stock trader language, now I am updated on break ups and new comments while friends (in Hawaii) challenge me to a game of Scrabble.  Anyone can google my name and find out what I do, how to contact me, what I did yesterday and what I am planning in March ... it's easy (I mean, I think I make it easy, especially with sites like About.me/ChrisBethany).  
Word Cloud of the #BlackIntheCity Blog

This week Klout.com restructured its Klout Scoring System which rates a persons effectiveness and influence on the web through a series of calculations and cloud observations.  This very specific algorithm is almost a 2.0 to the former website scoring system Google used in the past.  It gives individual persons the tool of understanding what optimized (searchable) content they've uploaded is saying about them.  

What are you saying?  Do you use social media and the web to air out your dirty laundry?  Or are you using this tool to build your road to success?  Which ever it is, pick a message and stick with it...maybe airing your dirties for everyone to see will bring you success ... but, um, isn't that what reality tv is for?  Whole 'nother subject.

Oh, I figured out that I was going to go ahead and accept my boyfriends idea of going blindly into Blog-stardom, only to be forwarded his blog URL, MrOgba.blogspot.com ... lol, its all about him, he was right.

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