Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Blessings in Redirecting

It seems as if every other blog I write is meant to illustrate some new frontier in my life.  I don't necessarily believe that this one is going to be any different.  So, if you don't feel like being inspired, having a quick little revelation, or even finding out that you are not the only one switching up the scene, then I suggest you stop reading ... everyone else, roll with me.

So business is looking up and I am preparing to launch my newly renovated website, BethanyEastPR.com (don't click on it yet, I said I am preparing, so be patient).  The website will illustrate a few of my PR products.  And by products I mean, a la carte public relations and media services that any small business will be able to purchase, track and see a noticeable ROI (return on investment).  I began to formulate these products in late 2009 when some local business owners that I had befriended had a desperate need for PR but no particular budget that included hourly billing for such a service.  I began to offer my services under a monthly contract, however that wasn't as lucrative for myself as each business owner would basically over work me.  It was a mess.

In early 2010 I decided to dive into my own lane of public relations, actually producing events and marketing opportunities for small businesses in the Detroit area, it was a rocky road, but pretty soon I began to earn a little recognition for my efforts.

Then came the move to San Antonio, where at first, I struggled to locate my new niche market.

The entire process was a lesson.  And I decided, towards the middle of last year that in each instance of interaction with a potential client or entrepreneurs to take a few notes as to what it was that I was doing, learning and thinking.  

I've since filled a 5-subject notebook with contract drafts, proposal outlines, budgets, book ideas, event ideas, dinner ideas, tasks lists ... whatever it was that I dreamed or was motivated to expound upon, I wrote it down. And now, I have a string of blogs that will soon become staples among my lineup of posts.  I will feature everything from commentary on politics, fashion finds, dates on the city, advice, business and marketing tips, twitpic tours and guest bloggers.  Its been a tough transition, but I must say, things are looking up.

It all comes down to being redirected.  

If you're a true #BlackInTheCity blog reader you know that I am all for making decisions without excuses, stating my opinion and creating action.  I take things in stride and I am not easily angered. And most importantly I always accept when to make a change, and how to recognize when that change validates itself in both my business and my life.

Don't get me wrong, most of these "changes" can often times be considered, failures .. but, I'm an optimist and everything's relative.  Right?

That's where the blessings lay.  Everytime I start a new contract or project I will encounter my fair share of obstacles.  As I quickly make moves to learn new skills and make new contacts, I'm often redirected .. not meaning to say that I am given the run around but, hey, it happens.  But being steadfast and diligent in all of my tasks is a lesson that I am constantly being taught.

I've come into a situation that has created a zen within me.  I wish I could tell you what exactly it is, but that would ruin all of the new things I've got lined up for you.  

... my idea of when one of those "changes" becomes a redirected blessing in your favorite ...


  1. "importantly I always accept when to make a change, and how to recognize when that change validates itself in both my business and my life." Great line...you've really grown up Chrissy and I'm taking notes.
    LKQB :) :P

  2. Thanks Kim ... it's always fun to find out just where you can go ... instead of sitting back and seeing where you stand.