Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charlotte, Russe My Feathers

It's Friday, lunchtime and you just got invited to a small backyard party ... that just turned into a swanky dinner party ... that just might put you in a room full of upward mobile professionals, entrepreneurs, and decision makers.  Its more than mere beers and bratwurst, this is a wine-sipping sophisticated good time.

But, you have nothing to wear. 

Quick trips to the mall are always affordable, but what's more affordable are the styles and fashions of Charlotte Russe, they can be mixed-matched and "worn as a dress, instead of a skirt" and often times pepper my closet adding color blocking, pops of intrigue and pizzazz to any ensemble.  My quick fashion, I believe, has kept me afloat in times where your first impression is surmised from an individual style and confidence based logarithm.

Why the sudden interest in Charlotte Russe?  Because I think they may have broken the mold when it comes to inexpensive trendy pieces that fit tons of different styles and personalities.  The brand has evolved greatly over the years, so yes, I am a frequenter of the Russe.

I have the most fun in the dressing room, its like a meeting of fan club members.

::::IDEA ALERT::::  
Visit http://charlotterusse.org/
What if the dressing rooms were the fan club, customers and fashionistas alike who love trying on clothes would be greeted by a friendly Russe-r (sales associate) who then would offer to snap a pic of them in the pieces they find ... the pics would then be posted onto the Charlotte Russe FB page, twitpic'd and even put on the website.  And as new fan club members sign up to be featured other customers get the opportunity to vote for their favorite ensembles.

Someone call up Charlotte and tell her she's saved me from so many "I have nothing to wear!" moments!!!

Tell me about how your quick fashion is often mistaken for couture?

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