Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reality vs. Real World ME.dia

I am forever astounded by the mental capacity of the average  man.  Honestly, they are allowed to think of some of the most profound of topics, instances and occurances.

So, I am sitting here, after drinks and a few laughs with my now boyfriend, Kelechi (pronounced kay-lay-chi) and there has been a shipment at his house today, his roommate, an avid fellow, has purchased a new video game counsel.   It's almost as if the world has stopped moving, if we don't get this game set up and attached to the 40inch HDTV resting in the living room, who knows what will happen.  The entire video game world is waiting for these two guys to finish figuring out just what they are supposed to do and do it ...when it comes to the video game only ofcouse .... everything else in the world, will continue moving according to its normal trajectory. 

Which brings me to my point.  In a world where a jaded since of "reality" is shoved down our eye sockets its often a little harder to realize how to transition our dreams into fruition.  What is the process of creating a project management plan for organizing a work plan for our inner most goals.  Today I was able to work on an idea that I've had for a few months, since seeing a certain documentary on how lucrative a specific industry was and I realized that this event is GOING to happen.  It's my first event in San Antonio and I am learning so much about both the City and my own transitioning.

Business has been different for small businesses during the past quarter.  The economically indifferent atmosphere of big spenders possessing a drastic sense of entitlement has definitely created a new environment for business owners and how they market to us.  The ability to appeal to a very defined and specific market has created an upper hand for the various communities of consumers, they are demanding more and wanting to pay less and less for it.  What does that say about the "general" consumer who wants to maintain their false sense of success while on a limited budget influenced by a "gloat" based social media life?

Again, bear with me, I am going somewhere, if not everywhere, with this one.  

In terms of E! and Bravo TX I am supposed to be in a full-blown relationship, with a career and a side gig (endorsement), married to an NFL player and being an apparent size 6 on television (4 in real life).  

But I am none of those things.  Instead a girl from Detroit, who went to college on a scholarship, graduated in the middle of her class and at some point was never in complete control of her actual life, and mistaking the day-to-day livelihood and happenings as what "life has to offer", for a person her class, size, color, demeanor, origin, familial lineage ... etc, and all of that jazz.  To say the least, I was spending more time commenting on Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of New Jersey than I was focusing on the hard work it took to get to both of those points i
Upon deciding to relaunch my business I have been searching for causes that are not only lucrative, but worth my time: ofcourse those are different things, despite their similarity.    I am now in the middle of learning how to turn my dreams into my own reality. 

I am focusing more on certain tasks and processes as I did before and for that I am increasing my working knowledge of each and every instance.  But most importantly I am creating a new rule, whereas I complete a task I cease to worry, fret, bother with, explore new options on that particular issue, and began to focus, clearly on the next.

I am coming along great with the transition of letting dogs lie, observing sleeping patterns and readjusting my personal space to get more lucrative setting for my business and social networks. 

When it comes to maintaining individuality amongst my clients and my network this new method of creating a zen moment in between my talents has helped me to remain focused. 

This is a new #BlackIntheCity as I am reaching new heights in my mentality, thus exploring my options of keeping it copesthetic (real).  My reality, being a little slower than that of the "reality" we see on television and in social media, where everyone is either a model or a stylist, a blonde or a brunette, nevertheless, it is my own and although I am not waltzing the city streets with cameras tethered to my every expression, I must control myself as if, at any and every moment, I'm live and in living color.

TTYL, let me know what you think.

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  1. So you have a "boyfriend" now? Nice!! Congrats on moving forward with your business as well! :) -KG