Friday, October 9, 2009

So, this week I am preparing my holiday event, the DIVAS SOCIAL SALE. It hits downtown Detroit on Nov. 29th, 4-7pm and features Detroit-based independent designers and boutiques, unique and stylish pieces, light hor d'eurves (from cook Robert Thomas) and ofcourse, SOME REALLY GOOD DEALS.

I want to create something of a private department store, one that embellishes the shopping experience.

Detroit could've been a fashion mecca of the midwest. The City's has a way of molding innovative designers ...even my mother had her hand in the pot. Her
brothers would host cabarets that featured her collections that included green faux snakeskin raincoats, patchwork jumpsuits and fur-adorned high waisted jeans. My older sister once designed and fabricated her entire wardrobe for a 6-week summer camp. And its not just my family, Detroit has been at the forefront of fashion for years.

And that is where I come in...the DIVAS SOCIAL SALE is the depiction of Detroit Fashion and Flash.

Here's a sneak peak...

Nails by Chloe is doing mini mani/pedis ...you can catch up with her at Northland's STEPPING OUT SALON

And then ... Mashawnta, Detroit's newest makeup artist wants you to personally preview/premiere her newest techniques... peep her work
Denise Reed, designer and seamstress (DeniseReed.com), will feature her fantastic collection of Christmas Stockings ... check how fab they are!

And just a minute ago I confirmed Iklektikk (pronounced ek- clec -tic) will have a section of pieces at the SOCIAL SALE .... how exciting..Nedra (owner) has some great stuff, she really knows how to put somethings together. Here's a peek ....Yeah...its kinda awesome!

I'd suggest saving a little of that Black Friday money ... I'll keep you updated on new boutiques as they are added. If you wanna feature your designs let me know, chris@bethanyeastpr.com

NOV. 29, 4-9PM
check BethanyEastPR.com
for more info on to becoming a vendor

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