Saturday, October 10, 2009

Live from Brand Camp 09, Personal Branding Conference

I already appreciate this conference already.

The Brand Guru...Hajj Flemings, is giving his take on branding, personal branding, understanding the impact you can have on an industry via social networking. He describes twitter as "digital breadcrumbs", that lead an audience, via "short bursts of information" to an end, to a conclusion, to a product, to a practice or belief. Flemings urges participants to "understand their genius", and take that first step after that A-HA moment to gain notoriety. Translate what you are passionate in to a career.

The main focus behind personal branding is valuing the GRUSTLE ... the grind and the hustle. Branding and grustle is a minimal risk strategy that can propel you into different fields and different industries.

I like that it started on time, I mean, I was late...but apparently they ain't waiting on little ole me...which was my first lesson.... more in a minute

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