Saturday, October 10, 2009


Rohit Bhargava ... lectures on "How your personal brand can save the world"

The death of Superman jeered the market for comic books, the industry basically took a dive after people lost trust in the idea of a superhero. They made Superman human...he died. Its a sad situation. But this gives us

Branding, the representation that walks thru the door before you walk in the door. Your branding should define how you would handle any situation, its gives you the opportunity to move pass the normal "Hi, I am ... and this is what I do... and I should ..... and I could" conversation.

10 Keys to Building A Powerful Personal Brand

1. Don't limit yourself - yeah, you might not want to expose what you are really thinking about or you might not want to experience a failure ... but what if the experience is necessary for you to grow. And if your idea is good, you'd be so pissed if someone says it before you do.

2. Stand for something - branding is no doubt is only successful when you associate yourself/product/time with a great cause ... or just a cause, either one.

3. Find your twist -

4. Be non-obvious - This allows you to stand out. No matter if its short term, and then start something new. Stay afloat by staying new, staying different, being creative, understanding that you have to be three steps ahead of yourself, acting in the past.

5. Rethink your packaging - allow your entire environment to be a presentation to your client/connection or audience. Let it be chic, let it be simple and self-explanatary ... let it be authentic and not too guarded.

6. Work outside your job - everyday you have 24-hours to present your brand. Nike never stops being Nike, no matter what you are doing.

7. Take the right risk - Be sensible with your movement, be selective, understand time management and perspective of priorities

8. Think visually - understand that children have the most buying power, their disposable income is at 100%, so do all of your advertising in 2 dozen colors and with loud beating music....just kidding. A media kit, a web presentation ... check Slide-ology ... written by the woman that helped Steve Jobs and Al Gore create amazing presentations.

9. Be approachable - the Bible actually says, in order to have friends you must first show yourself friendly....I mean, Jesus said it first, I believe it.

10. Create What YOU Love - pretty self explanatory!!

Great Lecture! @rohitbhargava

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