Saturday, October 10, 2009

Personal Branding, Live from Brand Camp University

Mitch Joel, Personal Brands, How to connect in a connected world

1. Create the conversation ... INTERNALLY

Understand your own personal story. I totally agree that in creating your personal brand you have to understand that its never going to work if you don't stay true to yourself. If you are trying to bring yourself up...it might be most important to actually bring YOURSELF. Use our internal conversation, the value that you feel inside, knowing your goals and realizing what it is you're prepared to sacrifice in order to get what you want. Be realistic. Write your story, write your definition. What will happen is, people will begin to think differently of you, they will see a more authentic side of you. Brands have this conversation as well, they push themselves to be real, to be revered and to be utilized for profit.

2. Create the conversation ... ONE TO ONE

The idea of exchanging dialog with someone in a "networking" environment is to create a want to converse at a later time, in a different setting. Networking isn't just for passing out business cards, its for creating a connection that you can take with you, to coffee, for lunch, another event... but first the conversation has to begin.

Listen ... educate ... interpret ... understand ... he has a very good point when it comes to listening. Listen actively, allow your self to be involved in a conversation, you'd be amazed at the outcome ... you'll be amazed who remembers you at the next event. The product of a good one-to-one conversation deprives the "its all about who you know" mindset of unsuccessful entrepreneurs and replaces it with "its all about who knows me". Put value on yourself and your brand.

3. Create the conversation ... One to Many, transferring your values, goals and beliefs to the masses
Prior to this workshop I understood that I can connect to people that I knew in high school or college, and basically string along those relationships. Then I gained an understanding that I can create long lasting relationships woth some of the most interesting people and never sit next to them in a classroom, never give them a high five ... never even be on the same continent. WE are all connected!

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