Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creating BLACK HISTORY month ... and #KeyAndPeele review

#KeyandPeele caught my eye this weekend, now I went to Michigan so I know how hard it is when you know you have to explain what it's like to be black.  I mean, there are actually people that don't know about it...and it amazes me.

I completely enjoyed the satire of it all, as well as the method it commercialized itself.  But, just as hipsters and nerds alike loyally trust Jon Stewart's commentary of news more so than @CNN, America's Most Watched News Source (they said it, not me) ..
  *in this case I think it's cool if you substitute for S. Colbert, they both the same. 

Then I know that this show will go down in the books as a valuable index of how white folks can* think and learn about blackness.  I mean, not ALL of the sketches were about "blackness" ... they however, make major claims in the hosting part.

So all in all, it's a pretty funny show.  I know @MrOgba thought the "My Wife is a B@#$H" sketch was lol hilarious!... (me and him had a lil talk afterward ... it started with "if you eva'")

I especially liked the Barack Obama-sketch .. if you missed it on Comedy Central, then check it out here

#TwoClaps: Anytime time it is ensued that Barack Obama would ever use or allow the use of the word cracker to refer to racist white people, will ALWAYS be great material, and therefore HYSTERICAL! #aintThataBiTC

This is supposed to be my Black History Month-post.  In recent years I've written about the King, had a few X's, and even swang my hair back and forth with a "Natural Sista's" post (how cliche... like we don't already get enough of ourselves)

But this year Black History feels different.  I am getting the chance to learn newer histories about my different heritages.  And although I reverence those people in our past that have created opportunities for my collective and entire race, there need be some changes in how Black History Month is going to be viewed in the far future.  

Are we always going to remember slavery as 

 something that still oppresses generations today?

I think we need to think of how 2013 (plan ahead) is going to look like "in the books". ... what capital gains are we shooting for ... will there ever be a time when we'll say 
"you know what, we've remembered the Civil Rights Movement, the Bus Boycotts,  the Four Little Girls the lynchings, Vietnam, the glass ceilings ...and slavery, for long enough.  Let's cut that out." and then boom ... 
  • no more Symposiums, 
  • no more museum exhibitions ... 
  • there wouldn't even be any more new high schools named after MLK.

(although I don't think there could possibly be anymore room for another King HS...unless*)

 ... in 400 years (GODwilling) What would be the legacy WE leave behind? 

I understand that right now it seems as if we are still getting some "first" out of the way, but it's important to think about what's next for us, how do we proceed in building more history, 

I mean who doesn't get openly surprised when we realize that someone does something, albeit outside of our racial comfort zone, and is recognized for it... (how did u react when you found out the NY sniper was black .. and when OJ got off (the first time) ...or when Octavia Spencer won her SAG Award (s/o, #luvher).

To start the conversation ...

What are we fighting for RIGHT NOW, COLLECTIVELY, as a race that if/when we claim victory would be a momentous occasion!?

 I know we got our POTUS, but let's think about the gap between accomplishments outlive us.

#ImJustSayin  #WeCanDoMore
...and that is Black History, @darealchrisreed style.


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