Friday, June 17, 2011

My confession ... I thrift.

The entire mission of #BlackInTheCity is creating positive, progressive and lucrative relationships with people around me.  I like to do normal things, and shine a light on activities that are a little off kilter ... my newest passtime is #ThriftyThursdays, and its the most fun ever.  I go into Thrift Stores, recreate looks for way less ... however, one of my older finds were too fab for #BlackInTheCity ... and my girl MiaRay at Confessions of a Glamaholic Blog was the perfect diva to send it to ... 

The item that I found was a 100% silk sequin dress, with a laser cut design star design... it was beautiful and I urge you all to visit the Confessions site to see the finish product and how it really resembles the Balmain dress  that was worn by Beyonce during the 2009 BET Awards.  
I found this dress before I moved to San Antonio and before I found out that it was designed by Balmain's new chief designer Oliver Rousteing.
(a black french-men, see the post I did on him).  
Check out Confessions of a Glamaholic at the next chance you get and to see the finished "Look-Alike" project, it's haute-tastic, trust me.


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  1. This one is no big deal. I thrift just as much. The store usually has some nice stuff.

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