Thursday, June 9, 2011

#ThriftyThursdays ... Treasures for Cheap

Last week I took the afternoon to visit some of my favorite consignment shops out here in San Antonio.  It was truly a #BlackInTheCity afternoon.

When I stopped at my first resale boutique, Texas Resale on I410, and found a ton of different looks, I knew the day would be amazing.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to be flashed out, especially with sequins and I've always been a little bit retro, from my afro days at Cass Tech or dashiki/bell bottom poetry nights at Fisk University, its just my style.. my lil bro has been known to not understand my need for le' flare, i.e. these two looks from previous nights out...

Working @The MASH Mag Pre-Launch w/ a borrowed Banana Republic Sequin sheath dress

@Glamaholics winning weekend.  This sequined tee was found at a Detroit thrift, and I kinda altered it. 

Ok, so for my first look I twisted and turned the uber-hollywood look of celebrity jail bird Lindsay Lohan - now, her outfit was publicized as a $10k (yeah, THOUSAND) ensemble, check it out...

And here's my look ... I love this top, and slacks were BRAND NEW, with tags ... the entire get up was a whopping $45!! But honestly, even though I loved this top, it weighed like 15 lbs.

What do you think?

Okay, for my next looks I hit up a consignment store called Bygones on Broadway ... and found these two look-alike get-ups.

San Antonio luvs them some Eva Longoria, and when I saw my fav housewife (turned Philanthropist) in this chic striped tee and hot pant look, complete with sky high pumps, I had to work it ... but with a #BlackInTheCity flare ... of course.

How can anyone go wrong with high-waisted corduroy booty shorts? 
Seriously loved this belt and the striped blouse was just enough ... it has always been my thing to wear shorts and long sleeves, its just something so split-pea urban about it.

The last look that I fell in love with was beautifully portrayed by a fashionista that I am on the good side of being obsessed with.  The Diva Tocarra put some major glam in a simple animal print skirt and basic black blouse ... 

I took a page from the Essence style book and inverted the look ... mixing a animal print blouse with a pleated wool skirt ... this knee length look will be great for work or the office. .. and the ticket, a timeless $10.80!

Oh what a joy! I had a bomb time and everyone that I met was soo perfect, they told me what worked and what didn't ... the staff at each of the boutiques were so helpful (hey Lolita and Charlie-Ann @ Goodwill).

I met a young lady, by the name of Carmen, she was getting ready to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary...and had my same taste for flare, check out how beautiful she is with her sequined mini
Mi Gusto Mucho! 

It ain't easy being thrifty ladies, but it is easy being stylish on a budget so next time you want to touch up your wardrobe don't stunt on what your neighborhood resale has to offer.  All you need is a little bit of money and a lot of patience and you can walk away with some major treasures.


(DISCLAIMER: I am no way a fashion blogger .. but I do love shopping)

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