Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Image Isn't Everything .. Psych!

Uncertainty is normal...
This past month I have been bombarded by writing proposals and business plans for clients.  The person I am has always been able to create plan B situations for my friends and co-workers.  It's just my thing.  The reason I got into Public Relations was my weird ability to think outside of the box and to organize how and what people needed to do in order to make their businesses successful.

However, when it comes to my own plan, it's like writing with a crayon on a hot slab of metal ... the crayon melts away before anything is ever legible.

Look at me now...
So, what do I do whenever I can't pay enough attention to myself ... I look in the mirror.  And I imagine what is it that I want to look like in a few years, if the proposal was to go through or the contract is signed ... and then I realize that if I don't create the contract or proposal I wouldn't have anything to imagine ... I'd probably look the same.  I'd probably still be looking in the same mirror too.

My father has always tried to really teach us (Chloe, Josh and myself) that looking good is necessary in creating a good impression, feeling productive and getting work done.  My mom was a seamstress and I remember shopping for the perfect fabric combinations and dress patterns for all of the major awards ceremonies, school pictures, recitals and Sunday mornings.  And now, when it comes to meetings and interviews I like to randomly get dolled up ... exhibiting my confidence through my appearance.

From the early days of heading downtown Detroit for the African World Festival when I was eight years old on Sunday evenings after church ... my dad would stop before we get out of the car and basically slather my siblings and I with Vaseline.  We were, in my mom's favorite words "Shinin' like new money."  We'd stroll down Woodward, across Jefferson into the crowded Hart Plaza and it seemed like people would part when they saw us coming (pun intended for anyone that knows my dad's name is Moses).  My mom in her clogs and flowy dress, my dad in his Sundays best vest and starchy white shirt, Chloe and I rocking sheath dresses (pre-Michelle) and Josh, looking just as handsome as he wanna be in a miniature Cosby sweater (it was the early 90s, I'm just saying).  

That stayed with me.  and at this point, I understand what people see is not always what they get, but it should be a precursor.  

The image of being #BlackInTheCity is growing.

Get it done people ... let where you are right now be your inspiration, and where you want to go be your motive.


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  1. This old lady who used to press my hair did the same thing. She actually told me something I live by. She said, "If you are dry when you are young, you will be a prune when you are older."