Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nothing's Better Than Cotton ... everyone thinks so

So I have been consumed with sourcing this week, I know ... it doesn't stop right. I have been trying to find a few of the finest t-shirts in the game for a friends new line. In and out of dressing rooms, feeling tanks, stretching shirts, peeking at labels, I am completely hands on with this task.

I mean, have you looked at how the t-shirt business has grown over the past 10 years. People are astounded with Twitter and Facebook being so popular, but a t-shirt ... when do you think a t-shirt will ever become un-popular...tell the truth!? Last week I think I collected about 20 free shirts on my trip to Austin...all of which with funny remarks and slogans. And although I am not sitting here thinking, I can't wait to rock this Rackspace.com tee with my Bebe or Juicy sweatsuit, but I do know that they make a few rounds with me either on the treadmill, in my subdivision, or even at the gym ... if I ever get around going ... but that's another update.

Any who, all these t-shirts have me running circles around San Antonio, and its surprising the amount of Rayon, Polyester and just all kinds of horrible fibers that won't turn out well after the first wash. Which led me to one question ... where's the cotton?

Share with me your favorite cotton experience ... well here are mine, the Cotton commercials ... and for the record, I want every dress, sweater, shoe...within reason, in all of these commercials.

Jasmine Sullivan, the epitome of soul in a cotton commercial

Leona Lewis, I like the wallpaper too

Colbie Caillat

Miranda Lambert ... a lil' country flava

Zooey Deschanel

Whew ... was that a fresh little piece of fashion purity or what?

Makes me feel like a little giveaway ... for my XLs, I have a few KIK/Play Nice tees as well as a couple other free tshirts I got at SXSW this year, if you want one, share your favorite t-shirt pic/tagline in the replies and I'll pick a pic/tagline and ship you out a freebie ... how's that? Hurry, giveaway ends on Friday.

Black to my search ... ttyl

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