Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carrob's Deli ....Austin Soul, with a Twist


Lovely buffalo wing greatness.
Without the hype.
Sitting in a wax paper basket, topped with 2 pieces of hearty wheat bread, just like I ordered.

Carrob's wings are two words ... Just. Awesome.

I think this may be the only black-owned restaurant in Austin (I mean, I did a Yelp search, not much came up). The white boy ahead of me, just may be sure of it... his order consists of a proud helping of mac n'cheese, chicken fried steak, corn, green beans and texas toast. Time. of. his. life.

I had a chance to meet with Carol and Robert, married more than 10 years, owners of CARROB'S cafe, they described their establishment as new-Soul food, because they served espresso, had outdoor seating, and most of their patrons were young liberal students, so they had a vegetarian menu.
Carrob's is located at 605 Sabbine St., off 6th in downtown Austin.


I didn't really try much on the menu, there wasn't time, I had to rush over to a "backyard" concert featuring one of my "now" favorite crooners, Gary Clark Jr.

The venue was almost random. Ana and I were kinda short in the crowd, but as we powered our way through we, like most began to fall head over heals in love for the back end, ol' skool, sittin on yo' porch, where's my harmonica, sang yo' song, Gary Clark Jr.

He is tall.
Singing about his baby, most likely his two tone acoustic guitar, or maybe the gold crusted diamond covered piece around his neck, but deep down I know that his baby is something we ain't thought of, something of blues and dreams ... cuz he's a modern crooner, and that kind of love, the kind he's singing of is that only the night can hold.

But the boy is seriously back woods. His melodic guitar takes over mid-song to create an experience that takes over not only your hips ... but everyone elses. We entrancingly sway. He gives the crowd a pearly smile, acknowledging his effect on us and strums on. Burning the soles of our feet into the broken alley, grinding the beat or picturing the most hurtful love in our minds, instantly this song is all of our "jam".

Introducing to you ... if you ain't (yup, AIN'T) already heard ... Gary Clark Jr.


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