Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Treat yourself

So, how many of us work work work, and never really have time, make time, take time to sit and do something relaxing?

Okay, okay, put your hands down...and as they slap the table, take a look at your nails...yeah, that chipped paint, too long acrylic, out of date color is a real eyesore. So why not treat yourself to a Lunchtime Manicure.

I got back to work and I was ultimately relaxed and found a little joy in watching my freshly shaped deep purple digits dancing across the keys on my laptop kinda entertaining.

Ofcourse I had to make a little sacrifice, I bought my lunch to work for the last three days and came straight home instead of my normal beeline from friends house to clothing store, but I afforded myself a good little $15 piece of paradise at a very trendy salon, Riverfront Salon. My nail artist, April, was a joy to talk to, we actually have plans to chat it up more this week Thursday at Divas Connection ...

check me out Divas ... and check out Riverfront Salon also, tell 'em Chris sent you! TTYL

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