Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whip My Hair .... from drab to fab

So, this year, I've had a ton of fun just kinda figuring out that I need to get back to my roots. I need to get back to when I enjoyed reading and writing and random little crafts.

Recently I have had the joys of being the manager
of my parents' home in Detroit. Oh the joy!

hey did me the favor of leaving me with a whole house of furniture, on a different note, none of it seems to match ... so, this will be a transitioning time for me. I'm thinking I'll have to make this a real project.

Can't wait to see what comes of it ... I'll tr
y to keep everyone posted.

Oh! Speaking of projects ... I, being randomly bored one morning, went ahead and dyed my locs a luscious black....peep the before and after shots
The dry brown was getting on my nerves, it was high time for a changeand it begins ...

Um, what did I get myself into?

war wounds...
poor Haus tried to help with the directions.

Whipped ... but not beaten

And the reveal ....

Watch out there now!!

...tons of crafts this week, yeah, black girls luvs the crafts

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