Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back , Black and Better than Ever! Home from the Bahamas

Hello everyone! It's been a few weeks, I took a little time for a much needed vacation. Now, I am BACK! BLACK! and BETTER THAN EVER!

I tanned a lot while on my little 4-day cruise. I took the opportunity to just sit, in the heat, and smile for no reason ... and now I am kinda suffering from it...however, my sunkissed chocolate glow hasn't faded, so expect me to Michelle-Obama every outfit from now til September.

Upon my return stateside I've had a few new opportunities to work on some new projects. Fellow blogger, U-M and Cass Tech alum, Mashawnta Armstrong, will be launching her fashion magazine this September, MASH Mag is a collaboration of art, style, architecture and urban fashion.

Aside from this the DAPCEP Alumni association will be briefly interviewing alum for a series of profiles on the DAPCEP website. I am actively searching for alum with interesting and important journeys or careers.

There is so much other stuff, oh I lost weight on the cruise, even though I felt like we never stopped eating ... I got a little peace. Vacations are meant to be stints of time where you don't bother with your normal routine. I took the time to come up with the notion that my normal routine was boring me. There weren't any instances where my normal routine left me fulfilled or satisfied. It took me doing nothing for a whole week to actually recognize that I wasn't doing enough.

What's coming up this month ....
-- Body Boot Camp returns for August, check BethanyEastPR.com for dates
-- Scholarship/Mentorship Course sign up starts July 28th - First come first served...get your students involved in their own scholarship search
--Promote your business in MASH Mag
--DAPCEP Alum Interviews, July 26th @4pm in the Wayne State Welcome Center on Woodward and Warren

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