Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Need for Customer Service, Globally

Funny story/email about my excellent COMCAST experience. I sent the following to COMCAST earlier today...its a good read.

I would like to express the fact that my cable guy was a knight in shining armor. I had an appointment yesterday to get cable service and I arranged for my little brother stay at my apartment between the hours of 2 and 5pm. The guy never showed up. Instead he came at 6pm, a time when no one was home, he made up some story as to the system scheduling appointments on top of each other to accommodate for "false calls", aside from that he wanted to leave after only waiting 10 minutes while I sped down Grand River to meet him. He had the lady call me TWICE to make sure I was on my way, when he was 3 hours late!

So this dude decided that he couldn't give me service when he recognized that there was a lock on the gate and barb wire fence that housed the box. He immediately left. Red Wings lost. I missed it.

So I made that call and the nicest man answered, I really wish I remembered his name, his voice was so pleasant and calm. Anyways, he made an appointment for this morning (Saturday) morning between 9am and noon. He arrived at a 9:41am, perfect timing, I had already been up for three hours, and I was kinda amped to finally get cable and internet.

I explained to him that this wasn't a service upgrade, but a new service and that maybe he should bring his tools. To make a long story short, he basically scaled the fence the other dude said needed to be unlocked in order to get to the box.

But let me say that apparently the building (located in Detroit's Cass Corridor) had already encountered this problem, the property manager said that the Tech Guy usually just uses the fire escape after throwing his ladder over the fence.

He worked extra hard to get me cable, he was courteous and diligent when he found that the box wasn't registered, cracked a few jokes and was just an all around nice guy who had what it takes to get the job done, no matter what.

But the thing is, I was really ready to give up on COMCAST, especially after I heard that New Customers in the Detroit, Flint, Saginaw and Pontiac areas where usually charged a "deposit" in order to get service, while New Customers in more suburban areas where billed the initial product/hook-up fee. What's that all about? And then the fact that internet was never this expensive ever! (but that's just me being cheap).

All in all a good experience.
And I don't even know his name, or was it COMCAST GUY (an independent contractor)

Now, what does this tell us. Within our business there are different ways that we can interact with clients and leads. Both of these dudes had the opportunity to assist, and although I bet both of them thought they did the best they could, only one really left an impression. The guy that came late, was a bit too out of shape to even make it up to my apartment let alone come up for a second time to actually complete the assignment had he been able to the box. I mean, seriously, why haven't people understood how important it is to KNOW YOUR JOB and complete it in the best of your ability. That often means, stepping your game up. Offer something that no one has offered, i.e. excellent customer service.

Customer Service is oh so important, especially during these "tough economic times" (they should take out the spaces on that phrase and make in the million-oneth word, we've heard it so much) when everyone is springing up with a seedling business. And the fact that people are really holding on to their pennies, and are even more watchful on who they spend their money. Create an ultimate and memorable shopping experience, provide insight into your industry, be prepared for questions/objectives and mostly, be thorough, paying attention to detail is the key ingredient in providing excellent customer service. That and being ready to go the extra mile.

What's the key your customer service success

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