Saturday, August 8, 2009

Standing Up for Your Accomplishments

So, I'm a small business owner with a full-time job, on the side. Yeah, I said on the side. And today was when I realized that I have to do what I have to do.

I mean, it's absolutely necessary to get up and out of normal behavior in order to gain success. We see this regularly when we watch reality television, people act like complete idiots, on national tv and all of a sudden they are stars, fashion icons, C.E.Os of large corporations ... and its a little ironic that they develop these sex driven, alcohol-induced characteristics given the work it takes to get chosen for a reality tv show.

I launched my website today, and I feel like this milestone deserves to be recognized. I mean, I actually did it! I created (with help from Yahoo Small Business sitebuilder) a website!!!! And it didn't take a degree or some random classes.

Check it out, bethanyeastpr.com -- Its the hotness, and it introduces the first product of BethanyEast PR and Management, DIVA'S COUNTRY CLUB, the premiere event series for urban professional women. DCC is bringing the modern Detroit Diva to the forefront of business ownership or City involvement. We are improving ourselves, our livelihood, our community and those that come after us...join the mailing list.

Also, next week, meet me and some of the Diva's at the first DIVAS CONNECTION event hosted at Espresso Jazzy Cafe, located in Harmonie Park (downtown), 212 E. Grand River, AUGUST 12th, 6-8pm !!! Refreshments served...see ya there.

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