Monday, June 25, 2012

The Great Give Back - #TeamOgba volunteers

One of the first things we decided to publicly do as a small business was volunteer.  The opportunity came up to run a 5k for a local charity ... I declined, I really ain't about running.  But something I do love is cleaning, it's something my dad instilled in me.  When we first saw the posting on Facebook from the San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation for volunteers to clean up a home in an historic neighborhood, I jumped at the opportunity to help out.

Bout to get started ... we were all smiles and suited up!

By the middle of the morning I was covered from head to toe #teamnobugsonme

@MrOgba was doing the most!

We demolished the backyard

Found a few little treasures ... including a grapevine that I left by mistake. :(

Met some cool peeps.  

So, this tells me that I can get a garden... 

That's a mattress they're carrying ... I refused to touch it.

Here are a few pics of our fantastic Saturday.  And some before and after of the beautiful home we helped clean up.
The Before

The After ... all clean

Shout-out to the Team!

Thanks for the opportunity!

 Everyone, I'd love to find out what  you do to give back to your community, have you started your own initiative in your neighborhood?  Let me know in the comments section.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

The RiverTini Pour-Off ... and Crawl-Home

Four months into managing BethanyEast PR here in San Antonio our newest client, Zocca was quickly invited to compete in the RiverTini Pour-Off at the Hyatt Regency ... it all came a bit sudden as I had only made plans to host a pre-Pour-Off event seeing as how registration had been closed for about a month (or 3) ... much to my surprise I got the call from the fantastica chicas at the Foundation asking us to compete since someone had dropped out. #highfive

Now, since being in TEXAS I've become a beer drinker, booty short wearer (just'once), bling-bling needer and margarita maker ... never have I been a place where being happy and comfy is so widely accepted, y'all know I'm from Detroit.  Working with the ladies at the Foundation was extremely easy and fun... the hubby (@MrOgba) and I had a blast at the event, especially trying all of the many (many many many many) martinis!

Check out some of the pics.
The evenings sponsor, Grey Goose!

ORO Restaurant had a good spread

These ladies loved the Zocca "Ferrari" Martini

@MrOgba, putting them back 

Our friend, Karen K. of the San Antonio River Foundation

By the end of the night EVERYONE was so nice! 
found this one on the Express News site

I want this job next year ... lest ye be judged! (smh)

The Judges Table

Candid Chili Pepper Martini 

Sweet Competition ... what's that about enemies being closer... our neighbors were so sweet ... until you tasted their martini ... SPICY!!

This guy spilled martini all over himself, so @MrOgba lent him an extra shirt ... j/k // but it's possible.


A viable competitor, Hotel Contessa/Las Ramblas ... 

The Guys from Hotel Contessa won last year.  They had an awesome presentation.

#200MartiniGiveAway .. Team #Zocca hooked it up!

My clients checking out the cuisine ... this food was REALLY good.

Team #WestinRiverwalk  #Zocca 
The winners trophy ... a giant martini glass .. congrats to Hofbrau!

By the end of the night @MrOgba were happy that we took the 10 minute bus ride to downtown San Antonio, driving home would have been all to interesting ... drink responsibly my friends.  TTYL

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's #SocialMadness!

We (BethanyEastPR.com) just launched a new site too!) are working hard to create some great content for our clients, but now we are promoting ourselves. And we need your help!

Visit bizjournals.com/sanantonio/exclusives/socialmadness

Vote for BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting.

Voting takes 4 minutes and doesn't require registration. Thanks everyone!