Monday, May 2, 2011

Next Stop On Top contest gives rappers STARdom

So, not only is it #newClientMonday ... but I am going to go ahead and scoop myself and some of my friends in the media.

As everyone knows I am all for independence ... however as of late I have noticed just how hard it is to be independent. I launched my freelance lifestyle a little under a year ago and its been a tough ride. However, I couldn't help but to tap into some of my instincts and natural talents. Take for instance the fact that I am a #Google Queen! Just hear me out. My mind works in keywords ... an old skill I picked up when I was studying for a spelling bee.

(way back when I was young enough to be in spelling bees)

In spelling and linguistics you learn that one or two histories or meanings a word may have can sometime tell how it is spelled

(yeah, I was the largest nerd, of the latin origin hugemongous)

Nevertheless, back to the point. My business is back to growing and I am keeping up with my networking, when all of a sudden a young entrepreneur by the name of Nelson "NBanks" Morris contacted me with a task. He is a music producer, based in Houston, who wants to find other likeminded professional artist who want to branch out of their individual markets.

The "Next Stop on Top" contest is looking for artists to download a beat from NBanks' production house site, BrokenBeatzEnt.com, record some hot verses, send it in and get their friends to vote for the best song ... in the end, the winner will be flown to Austin, TX where they'll shoot a video for the song, be featured in a showcase and then have the song promoted to independent weblogs and stations.

Sound good?! I mean, if this was a contest for young publicists I'd enter... so this is the goal, shoot this post to a friend that is a rapper or singer so they can enter to win this opportunity.

Or you can log onto brokenbeatzent.com for more information.

That's all for now my wonderful Black readers

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