Saturday, November 20, 2010

MASH Mag Preview @ Prive Deux, hosted by Mike Bonner and 3 Olives Vodka ..

Ok, so one of my most fav fab and refreshing divas, Mashawnta, actually started her own fashion magazine, and since its inception its been AWESOME!! Honestly, its beautiful, and I want all of my faithful Black in the City readers to join me in the VIP lounge (hosted by 3 Olives Vodka) this Nov. 24th at Prive Deux Lounge ... located in Downtown Detroit!!

No nonsense - High Fashion
$20 cover actually gets you a FREE 1-year subscription to the glossy mag!! WOW!!

Check out more on the mag @ MashMag.com

or ... Visit MASH Mag on Facebook for more info on Modeling!!
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