Saturday, November 28, 2009

On Blast: ROBERT THOMAS, world class dawg

So, I don't know what was so hard about not answering the phone and basically just saying, "Chris, I know you've been planning this event for a few weeks, and I know that I said you can have it at my loft, however, it's not looking too good, maybe you should check some other places out." And I would have gladly accepted that. But no, instead you repeatedly tried to get me to have secret "meetings" with you, you offered to buy me a phone when mines was turned off.

You lied about some random trip to Atlanta stressing that you were cooking for Tyler Perry, when I hear that you are nothing but a dish washer at your job downtown, and a maintenance man for Ford ... Then, your lying friend George, who took no time to hate on when you saw me at the gym, tells me that your girlfriend, some round the way old head, pays all your bills, kicks you out when she wants, is jealous, and basically has you tied down by the balls ... so you lie and squirm and put others in a bad position because you're such a self asshole that you don't realize that this is crap you get laid out for.

But I'm in public relations, and this is just some some simple damage control. So here is goes. This guy, Robert Thomas, is a cheater, he's been all over the city, spreading "seeds", making "connections" with women at the YMCA (who had to put him on blast months ago), with chicks at his job (which explains his annotated work schedule), go blue-ers in Ann Arbor (because their easier than the ones in Detroit, apparently).

So, Donna, its your call. What kinda woman are you about to be? Why would you allow this crap, when you obviously can do bad all by yourself. I mean, he ain't fine and he clearly ain't even that into YOU ... so why bother?

Any way, these two single handedly almost ruined my DIVAS SOCIAL SALE with their childish history, so why not put the bastard on blast. They cost me money, and I am tired of letting shit slide (and that a saying, if not, it should be) ... be glad I didn't go into detail about how I went to the bathroom and came out and this dude Robert had the nerve to be butt-naked in my living room ...like, seriously (too funny, SOOOO FUNNY), what did you think was gonna happen!?

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