Friday, November 13, 2009

Enjoying the hustle

I had the opportunity to sit in on a sales pitch today. And usually people don't necessarily volunteer to sit in on sales pitches, but I was kinda suckered into this ... a friend invited me to live blog from a meeting of "forward thinking" individuals. I arrive and find a hefty group of nicely dress African Americans. Not saying that I instantly became interested, but for a second I stopped thinking about my exit excuse.

This particular pitch offered an opportunity to tap into a market of approximately 340 million people ... coffee drinkers. OrGano Gold is a healthy coffee producer, personally I had no idea that coffee couldn't really be un-healthy. The presenters disclaimer, "Some things that you may hear about today may seem too good to be true" ... I completely agree, call me pessimistic. She strikes up a conversation with the entire audience, and engages us in talks of finding large sums of money, lifestyle changes, healthy and beauty in the bottoms of instance coffee boxes.

The presenter also manages to sneak diss a different network marketing product (Body Magic), which I thought was odd ... I mean, they aren't even in the same industry.

She reveals that she's tried other network marketing schemes, all of which have failed. Weight loss, coffee, super stardom, jet setting, coffee ... a $98 billion industry, one where people have addictions too ... therefore you know you'd always have a client (just like other vices that make bank, i.e. cigarettes, liquor, pharmaceutical drugs) ... this pitch is getting better and better.

But I guess I gotta get this blog together and talk about my respect for this ladies hustle. My friend, a co-worker, has no doubt been an influence on many lives. But she takes it in stride, she enjoys her hustle. A mother, author, executive, wife, teacher and friend, she handles her business.

The presenter is begining to talk about the money ... so she has to bring up (and the music begins to play), former wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, Mr. Rod Smith ... who also sales coffee. He begins his story, its a little cookie cutter, "I grew up in the projects..." ...well, I'm too sleepy for this...Back to the presentation, "No one ever gave me anything" ... heard it before. I'm beginning to get tired of this entire situation. And I look a little bit deeper ... I look at the mentality. It's inspiring, it's natural to some of them, because you just have to be a salesman.

And ofcourse you'll have to "remember where you came from" they obviously aren't signing Paris Hilton up to slang coffee.

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