Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Um..Monday's Revelation

Good evening everyone ... gnrlstudies here. i don't think we've met. i an extremely comfortable individual who has decided that i am going to let go of a few hard earned pounds. naturally, i am very comfortable with my appearance, accepting early on that my situation doesn't really offer the opportunity to change anything about myself, physically, thus and therefore, i work with what i've been given. and so far it has been workin' quite well, lol... i mean, i haven't had many complaints. (ii someone's mind somewhere that sentence is going to be taken in the wrong context, but hey...that's you)

and yes, i do know that i haven't capitalized the letter i at all in the previous paragraph. bare with me, i am going somewhere with this.

Nevertheless, in the recent events that have bought me this far, I've learned one thing. I need to stay busy.
But that is not to blame for my growingly round body. A very expensive YMCA membership didn't even persuade me to stay on track and work off the pudge.

And now, in lieu of a cross country excursion of the minds (check out twitter accounts lilkimqueenb and LadyWhitehead), I've decided to prepare physically.

Also, the launch of my new career in public relations and marketing has to first and foremost benefit me. I am my on first client. And I should act in the interest of the well being of my public appearance. Which leads me into my discussion. What do you think of companies that require their employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Yeah, I said REQUIRE. There are plenty of companies that provide programs offering healthy incentives. But its all for naught. Have you ever gone to one of those contracted in weight management/aerobics after work events, its a bunch of office women flopping around for an hour after sitting for eight hours on a computer. It's hilarious.

In Japan it is not uncommon for an employer to require workers to attend weight management courses if they do not abide by company body size standards. Harsh treatment? I wouldn't think so, it's more like a protection of an investment. Studies show that costs formerly used for healthcare and settlements would instead be spent on maintaining business practices and improving the investments that the company had previously built.

That's me justifying the fact that I am about to be super duper sexy in just a matter of months (I'm not dillusional, I know it takes time and dedication, yada yada yada). I am doing it for my future, to be a better worker...for myself. This is what being black in the city is all about...this is what I am learning on a day to day basis...this is Monday's Revelation...work for you, in all of your life and livelihood. If a dancer wants to be successful, he must dance...and a singer must sing, if I want to go into the business of creating a public image of someone...then my image must be A-100 ...

Check back in for progress...I'm thinking I am going to dance it off, follow my twitter (darealchrisreed) for updates and cravings.

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