Saturday, March 14, 2009

Recognition Of Actuality

I am going to try to make this post readible, but I ain't making no promises.

Detroit could and will become a thriving city, full of entrepreneurs, new merchants, new beginnings. 

It has too.  The City actually doesn't have a choice.  

Hitting rock bottom must've been a slow and joyous occassion because I honestly don't believe that we would get this far behind without a warning.  It couldn't have happened so suddenly, i.e. the death of our beloved Mayor Coleman A. Young...I mean the man ran Detroit for 20 YEARS, nobody took notes! WTF!  anyways Detroit has become Ground Zero.  We have the great honor of showing everyone how to do this, how to once again rise from the top.  

New text messages came out this week, how interesting right?  

Why does this continue to be interesting?  Honestly, it amazes me that the media of Detroit are continuely airing the downfall of the City without realizing that they're the main cause.  Take for instance, the news about the now infamous Sex Message Scandal...it dropped right before the 2008  North American International Auto Show, an invent that brings hundreds of possible investors to Detroit,  seeking cities to host other events and bring millions in dollars of revenue to the City.  I believe that the media, or was it just Steve Wilson singlehandedly, wanted to put themselves in the limelight...promoting their reach to national headlines at every chance they could.  They were so proud to be front and center that they failed to realize the new one they'd just ripped into Detroit.

Martha Reeves is mad at Jay Leno, no good deed goes unpunished, especially when your PR/Management team is made of idiots.

Why didn't they realize that whomever thought it was a good idea to throw a Detroit benefit more than 30-minutes from the city should be quiet...and fired.  I mean no one on the Jay Leno team figured that (1) maybe we should hurry up and have this before NCAA Final Four events begin, and (2) maybe it would be smart to have the event in the City you are benefiting.  Come on Jay Leno, are you thinking, open the garage door next time your sitting in one of you 500 cars next time.  Now, I'm no expert on turning free comedy shows into "help" for a slowing urban economy, so I am currently looking for someone to explain the full details of this event to me.  I suggest selling tickets to the event ($10-$20) and taking the money, matching it, and turning it over as scholarships for children who've parent laid off from their jobs.  

I swear I could save the world with my COMMON SENSE!!!!

In other news, Christine Beatty is being released early, apparently she really didn't like jail, and she petitioned for early release...oh wait, that was Berny Madoff's thieving ass...Christine was good, which is understandable, Kwame moved out the city and she has no reason to be a disappointed any longer.  May I point out that on someone's blog page they referred to her as "a dissappointing example of a jump off..." I have to say they've taken it to far (although it is hilarious).  But, did you read those text messages?  Are they serious?  Were they serious?  And, Steve Wilson..you might as well go find natashiadooley@yahoo.com, I really REALLY want to know that she is someone other than the person that came up in my Google search for that name. All I can say is, Kwame don't deal wit no gutter sluts.

But this is what Detroit is dealing with right now.  That and a rogue City Council who don't understand that Detroit is not really losing anything but its mind if this Cobo deal...WAKE UP PEOPLE...its not a handout or a buyout or a sell out if YOU COMPLETELY WIN IN THE DEAL!!! Other cities have done it  (google: intercity cooperation - tourism).    An interesting subject, that began to interest me after I took a job in Procurement for an insurance company.   

But, back to the point that I was trying to make.   Detroit is coming up.  I believe the people are going to realize that our new industry should be the creation of new industries/products/fields of interests and brands.  

See you at the top.

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