Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Witness 1: Broken Girl and Mr. Love Jones

Opposites...you know the rest...attract.  

Or, are opposites really not opposites ... but two very similar posers.  

This may be the case for the Broken Girl and Mr. Love Jones .  Modern urban anthropologists shooting the shit at every chance, throwing verses back and forth.  Underneath they secretly planned for the day when either would "find something better to do after work".  So far, nothing had come up, and Broken Girl and Mr. Love Jones dreaded time together, not because it was horrible, but because each day growing closer they feared having to part that much more.  

Broken Girl figured that she had fallen for Mr. Love Jones some time after college.  Randomly passing him on the street, with friends.  She tried her best to float by, slowly, giving him the chance to share a common breath.  Girl incountered a lot of his 'types' in that summer, it was fun to her...enjoying a newfound freedom, learning and understanding differences and .. commonalities (lol).  

As for Mr. Love Jones, yes...the Mr. Love Jones, he has always been to suave to admit to even the thought of catching feelings.  He's everywhere, all the time, listening in on conversations, speaking his mind, over-thinking, watching, organizing, writing, rapping, loving, singing, being...what more can I say?  He'll be the most charming...but in excess, he'll completely change your mind, he's the ultimate catalysts.   

So, back to what happens when they are together...basically on a daily basis for hours on end, neither one easily goes into the 'night hours' with the other.  It's as if they feel it mandatory to get time in together, so they get it over with, and continue with their "other regularly scheduled programming".  More times than not, they'll touch basis late in evening, a refresher and a confirmation that it will all go down again tomorrow.  

So...is tomorrow the day?

I'll tell you if I hear something

-black in the city

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