Thursday, February 24, 2011

Growing...growing ... GONE!!

Well folks, I finally decided to update my locale ... grasp an opportunity that I haven't afforded myself since...well, never.

I have decided to relocate from Detroit to San Antonio, TX....in fact I went from one of the most faltering, crime ridden zip codes to the fastest growing area in the country. The long drive really put a lot of things in perspective. I had to actually stop myself from thinking of the possibilities of scrapping the metal that made the desolate barn houses I saw along the way .
.. and turn to the opportunity that rest in the road ahead.

I actually had to leave a little bit of my Detroit mentality on I-35, that mindset where I was made comfortable accepting the end bits, the leftovers, where I was use to small jackpots and hoping to maybe seeing a glimpse of that silver lining within the many clouds hanging over my home town.

I did a little for you all... or I should say, ya'lll

But then there is my newest goal ... because what would a move be without a goal. To position myself and my Detroit based constituents in the global market...yeah, sooo, let's see how that goes.

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