Friday, April 30, 2010

Booty Boot Camp inspires Detroit Divas to get fit!!!


Divas Country Club was created for urban and professional women who wanted something more out of their social lives. Not confined to any set location, the Club is a series of events aimed at providing meaningful and fun pastimes for Detroit ’s modern working diva. Founder and entrepreneur Christian Reed began devoting time to organizing DCC after a stressful summer of watching nightclub altercations between sensible women and disrespectful men. “I just kept thinking, I could do so much more with my time than come here and be harassed.” After she realized that her cohorts felt the same way, Reed sought out to put together private shopping events, tweetups, private chef experiences and workout sessions.

Inspired by the growing community of young female entrepreneurs who are not only in tune with business practices but also want to stay fit DCC introduced Booty Boot Camp in 2009. A distinct fitness series meant to be as fun as it is intense, safe and effective. It’s an all inclusive, workout session that emphasizes curve appeal, staying upbeat about being healthy, and having a good time. Our trainers are all certified, fun-loving and involved in every aspect of the camp. We encourage women of all ages, shapes and sizes to work it out.

During the 4-week program Booty Boot Campers experience a variety of different workout styles and because four Certified Personal Trainers alternate during the series a well-rounded (no pun intended) idea of fitness can be gained. Booty Boot Camps utilize natural strength, resistance and cardio training methods, no weights or belts needs, just a yoga mat (warm up), and your cutest (and reasonable) sweat suits.

Participants can choose from morning sessions to be held at the beautiful Detroit RiverWalk throughout summer. The first session starts May 11th from 7 – 8:30am, sessions start early to fit the needs of busy professionals, evening camps coming soon. Participants can register for $15 each session or purchase 4 separate sessions for $45 at BethanyEastPR.com.

So, what’s next for Divas Country Club? “Fitness and safety is topping the charts for Detroit based divas.” Reed says. This explains her next venture of getting as many women knowledgeable about self defense and gun safety as well as applying for individual licenses to carry a concealed weapon, the event title, Packin’ Dimes. Taught by award winning marksman and weapons expert Rob Mark the Packin’ Dimes CCW/CPL course can be scheduled at anytime for a discounted rate by email chris@BethanyEastpr.com or calling Mark directly at 313-671-6512.

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