Friday, January 8, 2010

Just a thought ...

So has ADHD become a polite way of saying the stuff, people and things around me aren't interesting enough for me fully pay attention to?
In a conversation with my mom she told me a story about entire schools were filled with children on ritalin! LIKE, seriously! ENTIRE SCHOOLS.

That to me sounds like there's a
problem in your faculty. Um, excuse me Teach, maybe instead of your ENTIRE CLASS being drugged, why not prepare FUN(damental) lessons? And no, everyone doesn't have ADHD, is just that boring their fidgeting around because they're trying to stay awake....that and the fact that THEY ARE CHILDREN might be factors in the situation.

Then I open an ESSENCE Magazine and I see an ad on 2-consecutive pages for an ADHD med called Vyvanese ...first off, my kid will never take anything w/ 2 Vs in the title...just sayin, but the DRUG apparently keeps your child "focused" until 6pm (the signaficance of 6pm wasn't discussed on the (d)Effects page). UM, Let's not find out...parent dont do drugs...or give them to your children.
Just a thought .... Open for replies.

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