Friday, December 4, 2009

Divas Social Sale is Back, Black and Better than Ever!!!

So it was one of the most random weeks ever. I started a slur campaign against one of Detroits worst individuals. I almost suffered complete failure after my event was cancelled - I found some boot straps and used them .... and then I found the lovely people at 5E Gallery (thanks to James at DSE@Grand, what an awesome dude) ... and to much acclaim, the DIVAS SOCIAL SALE is BACK, BLACK and BETTER than ever!

The new date for the SALE is Dec. 13, 2009 from 4-9pm .... at the 5E Gallery at 2125 Michigan Ave.

Aside from this, the space over at 5E has really influenced how the event has grown, its become extremely urban, yet will remain chic ... but its all about transition DIVA-dom to include a radical sense of style, a devoted understanding of the individualism required to be a DIVA and a Detroiter at the same time.

My goal is still the same, to host an event that allows for Detroiters to meet with Detroit based retail stores, see the products that they offer and build a relationship with them ...
But now I want to include so many more types of people, like the boys that are selling their mixtapes in front of liquor stores, students with junior t-shirt lines, mom's who alter clothes on the side from raising families ...modern day hustlers.

I'll keep you posted ... see you at the SALE!

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